Top Five Arguments against Permanent Life Insurance…Debunked

Over the next month or so, we’re going to address the top five most common arguments against permanent life insurance.

These are the arguments made by journalists and other hobbyists who spent that one weekend reading a book that had a chapter on whole life insurance and suddenly dubbed themselves supreme commander of life insurance knowledge.

To let you know what’s ahead, here are the top five arguments that we’ll be taking on:

  1. High Fees/Commissions paid to agents
  2. Not a Good Investment/I can do Better Elsewhere/the Guarantees are Terrible
  3. Good Returns take too Long to Materialize
  4. You only get the Death Benefit and not the Cash
  5. No Disclosure of Fee’s/Cost

So stay tuned this month and next as we roll out these arguments and then smash them to smithereens.

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