​​​​​Why Would You Buy
Whole Life Insurance?

Is Non-Direct Recognition Always Better Than

Direct Recognition?

In our new Report, "Whole Life Insurance Dividend Recognition" we reveal...

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    How life insurance companies credit dividends on loan balances
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    Why the debate is more marketing than miracle
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    How you can gain access to a real-life comparison between two actual whole life policies, one direct & the other non-direct

Is Whole Life Insurance Worth It?

We commit 99% of our energy to help our clients maximize the cash value accumulation of whole life insurance. Over the last 8 years, we've helped hundreds of clients get the whole life policies they wanted. But, at least a few times a month someone asks us, "is whole life insurance worth it? 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Life Insurance?  Couldn't I Do Better?

What's the “Best” Policy to Use?

How Can I Use Whole Life Insurance to Finance Real Estate or My Business?