188 We Are Tootally Done

Well, this is the end of the line. You have come to the very end of the Financial Procast.

After a little over three years and 188 episodes we've decided to call it quits. Turns out the C-suite goons have decided to “go a different direction”.

The irony is that we're the goons and…we think it's time to move on.

Not to worry though, we're not abandoning a weekly podcast, just changing the format and the name of the show. Starting next week we'll be releasing a weekly episode of the Insurance Pro Blog Podcast.

Really creative huh?

Seriously though, for a while we've been well aware that our most popular episodes have been those where we stay in our wheelhouse. Not that we don't enjoy providing fast and loose commentary on a variety of financial industry minutiae, just that we want to give more people more of what they really want.

All 188 episodes will live here in perpetuity.

Please be aware that if you can't imagine not hearing from us every week, you'll need to subscribe to our new show in iTunes by searching  for “Insurance Pro Blog Podcast”. It's not up yet, but it should be in the next few days.


And of course we'll make it quite obvious here on the site exactly where and how to get our new episodes, they'll be published here every week just as the Financial Procast has been.

Also, you can subscribe to our email updates to be sure you never miss anything new that comes out here on the Insurance Pro Blog (podcast, blog post, or other news we think would be important for you to have).



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