IPB 023: The Fiduciary Rule

Well, the Department of Labor has finally rolled out their long awaited ruling on retirement accounts and a new “fiduciary rule”.

Rather than re-invent the wheel here in this post, I'm going to refer you to this piece I wrote last summer:

Can the government fix your retirement woes?

Also, if you want to read the opinions from both sides of the argument that were published in the last couple of weeks, here are three pieces that cover the new rule:

  1. Read the summary written by Kim O'Brien at Americans for Annuity Protection
  2. Read the summary written by Michael Kitces
  3. Read the summary written by Jack Marrion of the Advantage Compendium

Our big takeaway…the cheapest/least expensive option is not always the best option. What's best for  clients is entirely subjective.

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