IPB 081: The Death of the Life Insurance Medical Exam


In episode 81, we're talking about the newest trend emerging in the world of life insurance underwriting and that is…

The end of paramedical exams and lab tests.

Now, the exams aren't going away completely. However, after talking with several people working for companies that have been rolling this out over the last several years, the numbers are telling us that about 50% of the people who apply are able to be fully underwritten without an exam.

This trend will surely accelerate and will serve a dual purpose:

  1. A much more streamlined underwriting process that leads to policies being issued more quickly.
  2. Add millions of premium dollars to insurance companies with a lower cost to acquire those dollars.

Of course we have more to say in the podcast, listen for our full commentary.

2 thoughts on “IPB 081: The Death of the Life Insurance Medical Exam”

  1. In response to an observation made in this week’s podcast, New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS) requires insurers to disclose data sources for their accelerated or non-medical exam underwriting programs. DFS began this process just a few months ago.


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