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Why Would You Buy 
Whole Life Insurance?

That's a really good question. It's definitely a question that we answer for a lot of people. In fact, we built this website to help people like you make that decision for yourself.

Hi and thanks for stopping by The Insurance Pro Blog!  The oldest and most comprehensive online resource that explains how whole life insurance intersects with your financial plan.

We started The Insurance Pro Blog back in 2011 with a specific goal to de-mystify whole life insurance.  The web site is popular with people who are in the market for whole life insurance and feel underwhelmed by the answers they receive from other professionals.

Many are left with lingering questions and realize it's hard to know if they are a great candidate for whole life insurance.

And you may also wanna know...

If the whole life policy you're considering is engineered to give you the best result?

What Makes Whole Life Insurance So Special?

That's a question we're asked pretty often.

To better answer it, we created a web presentation a little while back that we shared with a limited group of people. We're now making it available to you. 

It walks you through some of the major reasons you should consider adding whole life insurance to your financial plan.

Unfortunately, traditional financial planning advice has abandoned whole life insurance as the cornerstone of constructing a solid financial plan. That is a big mistake.

Our goal here is to bring it back into focus. 

Not because it's the panacea but because it works consistently, predictably and without any effort on your part after it's setup correctly.

Whole Life Insurance Is An Asset Not a Liability

We feel very strongly about whole life insurance and the role it plays as the foundation of a solid financial plan.  Believe it or not, whole life insurance will actually allow you to unlock the door to bigger financial opportunities.

Between the two of us, there's nearly three decades of combined experience working with people all across the United States.

We've learned that life doesn't move in a straight line and success boils down to capturing opportunities.

The most common thread that we see in our most successful clients is a disciplined strategy to segment their money and use "stop losses" to protect their wealth. Whole life insurance is a big part of that plan.

It also gives them a substantial cash reserve to use when those no-brainer opportunities come their way. Here are a few examples of how our clients use the cash value from their policies: to invest in real estate, to fund business investment and to make private loans. 

Bottom line...when opportunity knocks, they have the cash available to make the deal because of their whole life insurance.

We Can Help You Unlock

the Value of Whole Life Insurance

Our knowledge of whole life insurance contracts earns us praise from clients. We've also been hired as consultants to life insurance industry professionals. 

We invite you to click on the button below to find out now if whole life insurance might work for you. Discover if whole life insurance may be the right complement to your financial future. 

Ready to Find Out if Whole Life Insurance is for You?

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