069 We Really Don’t Hate Attorneys…Do We?

Today is our end of year listener Q&A extravaganza!

Yes, while the rest of the financial media is taking a break during the ever-extending Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year's holiday season, we know that our audience may like to take a break from all the festivities to listen to the Financial Procast.

Actually, we're not that delusional, but we figured we could easily pre-record a Question and Answer type of episode for you and since you guys are the ones throwing us the questions, it's easy enough for us to show up a few days in advance of the holiday and record an episode for you.


Here are the questions that we answered in this episode:

1.  You guys seem to hate on attorneys (or more specifically law school) from time to time. Do you think law school is a waste? Or do you just hate attorneys?

 Keith from Texas


2.  Brantley and Brandon,

 I don't understand why you hate 7702 Plans. Don't you realize that they offer amazing tax benefits to the client? And they are a private from the federal government. They keep uncle Sam's hands off my money!

Ed from TN


3.  What is the tax consequence for someone who borrows all the available cash value of a policy that matures before the insured dies? Very old policies matured at ages in the 90's. I stumbled on your excellent, factual website/podcasts while googling some months ago.

 Fred from MD


4.  Hey Guys,

 Quick question, how do I add a paid-up additions rider to my indexed universal life policy?

 Tim from MI


5.  Brandon,

 What is the best whole life contract available today?

 Rebecca from CA


6.  Hello,

 Thanks for all that you do. I really appreciate your site and podcast, I've learned a ton. I was wondering if you could give us a preview of what's in store for the coming year?

 Bob from Texas


7.   I've been looking at illustrations for whole life insurance and was wondering if my planned premium should be the 7-pay premium to max cash?

 Thanks for your awesome web site!

 Deming from CA


8.  Hi Brandon and Brantley,

 I've been wondering, especially after listening to your indexed universal life podcast, if the risk of indexed universal life insurance is not really that much more than whole life insurance, should I replace my whole life policy for indexed universal life insurance for the better expected return?

 Also, can you make more podcasts? I love them!

 Jiang, from WA

Brandon and I would like sincerely thank all of the people that regularly visit this site.  We are amazed by the response that people have to the information we provide and humbled by all of the support we receive.

Some changes are coming for The Insurance Pro Blog and for the Financial Procast in 2014–all in our most sincere effort to better serve our community.  If you have any suggestions or need any help, please feel free to reach out to us via our contact form or call us toll free at 1-888-834-0909, we're always happy to hear from you.

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