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IPB 090: Is Cash Value Life Insurance Expensive?

  Over the past few weeks we’ve had a half-dozen or so conversations with folks who would like to understand the expense of owning cash value life insurance. Yes, for the sake of our discussion we are lumping together whole life and universal life insurance. How can we do that? Aren’t they distinctly different products? […]


IPB 089: The Misery of Retirement

  The 2017 Boomer Expectations for Retirement survey from the Insured Retirement Institute reveals that things are not really improving for Boomers as they move into and toward retirement. There are more than a few disturbing statistics to share. I recommend you follow along with the report as you listen to this week’s episode, it […]


IPB 088: Do Increased Expense Charges Really Cause Problems for Universal Life Insurance?

  It seems there’s no end to the bad news in our industry as it relates to increased COI/expense charges for universal life insurance policies that were sold by SOME companies. Lawsuits are popping up and embarrassing company practices are being revealed. First, let’s get a few things on the table… Yes, within every universal […]


IPB 087: Listen Carefully, We Have Something Important to Tell You About Life Insurance

  Often times, understanding the power of cash value life insurance requires a paradigm shift. It’s not all that complicated really, just not entirely comparable to anything else. A vast majority of folks that we talk with have some sort of vernacular when it comes to investing, saving or building their financial plan. They understand […]


IPB 086: You’re Focusing on the Wrong Thing

  Following up our episode from last week¬†where we discussed how an indexed universal life (IUL) policy would have fared over the last 10 years, we thought it would be interesting to dig into THE most powerful aspect of IUL in our opinion–years when the market index has a negative return. This is something we’ve […]


IPB 085: Double Your Money in 10 Short Years

  If you’d invested at the very top of the last market cycle–October 9, 2007, you’d now have slightly more than doubled that investment (according to the Wall Street Journal) despite the vomit-inducing period of the next few years where you watched your money cut in half. That’s all fine but when I saw that […]


IPB 084: Yes, You Need a Forced Savings Plan

  It’s not uncommon for people to refer to whole life insurance as a “forced savings plan” or at least it was common back when we started out in the industry. Sounds like a bad thing but is it really? Sounds like a bad thing but is it really? We’ve seen some data that indicates […]


IPB 083: Are Whole Life and Universal Life Insurance Interchangeable?

  I know that all of our listeners are teeming with excitement as they see us release a new episode. We figured that if we gave it the ole college try, we could produce two episodes of the podcast for the month of September. One of us (Brantley) decided to move so we’ll blame our […]


IPB 082: What Does the Equifax Breach Mean for Life Insurance?

  Last week, Equifax, the largest credit reporting company, reported a major breach of its core database. It is by far the largest hack of its kind to date and is estimated to have impacted more than half of the U.S. population–more than 143 million people’s records were accessed. By now, most of you have […]


IPB 081: The Death of the Life Insurance Medical Exam

  In episode 81, we’re talking about the newest trend emerging in the world of life insurance underwriting and that is… The end of paramedical exams and lab tests. Now, the exams aren’t going away completely. However, after talking with several people working for companies that have been rolling this out over the last several […]


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