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IPB 069: Look Harder Before You LEAP

  Today’s episode revolves around a discussion of the LEAP system and how it contributed to the revocation of an insurance agent’s license. An agent in Ohio had his insurance license revoked after using the LEAP system to sell life insurance as an investment. Now, this happened back in April 2016, so I wouldn’t consider […]


IPB 068: Unsinkable Whole Life Insurance

  We often hear stories of sorrow regarding evil life insurance companies. Stories that depict how a person paid thousands of dollars in premium only to have the insurance company steal all their cash and cancel their coverage. But does it really happen that way? Anything is possible I suppose, however, when we took a […]


IPB 067: Should You Use Life Insurance to Diversify Your Retirement Income?

  How could life insurance fit into your overall retirement income plan? That’s what episode 67 is all about. For most people going forward, relying on pensions to form a stable foundation for their retirement will not be an option. That means that most will be faced with two income sources: Social Security Income generated […]


IPB 065: According to DALBAR Average Investor Results Are Below Average

  Over the last few years…basically since the beginning of the Insurance Pro Blog going back to the summer of 2011, we’ve been preaching the gospel of whole life insurance. Sure, there have been plenty of people who’ve come along to tell us how wrong we are and how a simple investment in an index […]


IPB 064: Sorry, You’re Not Rich Yet

  A million bucks ain’t what it used to be. There is a movement afoot to liberate people from their life of indentured service aka “a job”. While we believe it’s a noble pursuit to pursue financial freedom–having a passive income that exceeds your living expenses–we also feel that people are going to need more […]


Wait…Aren’t Fixed Indexed Annuities Evil?

  According to all media reports and the long fought battle around the Department of Labor’s new “Fiduciary Rule”, fixed indexed annuities are evil. If that’s so…why are more people than ever choosing to purchase them? Based on recently released numbers from 2016, sales of fixed annuities are on the rise. Here are some of […]


IPB 062: The Long Term Care Insurance Debacle

  We’re veering off course slightly this week to discuss long term care insurance. The recent decision to finally allow the beleaguered long term care insurance company, Penn Treaty (not to be confused with Penn Mutual) to be liquidated, sparked a need to discuss the ongoing issues with long term care insurance in general. We […]


IPB 061: Life Insurance Premium Financing

  It’s honestly a bit shameful that we produce a podcast for well over a year that has life insurance as its primary subject and we’ve yet to discuss the subject of life insurance premium financing. Well, that stops today. With one caveat… Please keep in mind that this is a complex topic with many moving parts and […]


IPB 060: The Retirement Nightmare

  If you believe the government needs to figure out a way to help you better fund your retirement, you probably should just skip this episode. On the other hand, if you’d like to hear us discuss a recent survey regarding retirement preparedness and how 80% of Americans believe the government needs to fix their […]


IPB 059: Leverage…You’re Probably Doing It Wrong

  In episode 59, we’re not directly discussing the finer points of cash value life insurance. Just thought I’d get that out of the way in the spirit of full disclosure. No, we’re adding another episode to our Soapbox Series. It actually comes on the heels of a private discussion Brandon and I were having […]


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