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Direct Recognition vs. Non Direct Recognition

The debate between direct recognition and non-direct recognition is a long-standing one. Be sure to review both of our earlier posts on these topics for more in-depth explanations. So, which is the superior method of treating dividends when there’s an outstanding policy loan? Are the “purests” correct when they point to non-direct recognition as the […]


001 The Inaugural Broadcast of the Financial Procast

In this inaugural episode of the Financial Procast, we discuss:   – Aviva Life USA–For Sale ! – MarketWatch Gets it Wrong on a Life Insurance Recommendation – The Quiet Company makes another “Not So Quiet” investment


Whole Life Dividends: Direct Recognition

Picking up from where we left off last time on whole life dividends, direct recognition is the opposite strategy to non-direct recognition. It’s the newer approach to handling the payment of dividends when a policy loan is outstanding, and it’s frequently championed as the feature that allows life insurers to pay higher dividends on non-collaterally […]


Whole Life Dividends: Non Direct Recognition

In the interest in filling in some obvious knowledge gaps, we figured we’d do a quick piece on non-direct recognition. In fact, we’ve decided to do a series on dividend recognition this month. Hopefully, this will satisfy anyone who wandered upon our whole life dividend piece and walked away without a confident understanding of the […]


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