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144 Talking About Life Insurance on a Sunday


In today’s episode of the Financial Procast, we take a deep dive into why it is that universal life insurance is such a hated product by so many in our industry. This is a single topic episode as we had to record this episode a bit early due to travel.

We’ll be back soon with our format of talking about various items from the world of finance.

If you would like to better understand universal life insurance, whole life insurance and how the two relate, here are some previous posts that you might find helpful: Read More…

143 No Questions Asked


Here’s what we’re talking about today:

Accredited investor gets redefined  (05:30)

Congressman says “Not so fast  FINRA”  (15:30)

Swiss banker arrested for helping Americans hide money  (34:39)

Auto finance industry the next bubble? and New study says most can’t afford a used car  (47:17) Read More…

142 How It Should Be Interpretated


To those in our audience who have reached out to us and let us know more of what you’d like for us to discuss on the Finanical Procast, we thank you. And for those of you that have not let us know what you’d like to hear us discuss, please don’t hesitate to do so, we are open and willing to entertain just about anything as it relates to the world of finance.

We record this show every week for the benefit of those in our community and it always helps to know more of what you’d like for us to discuss.   Read More…

Average 401k Returns: The News is not so Good

Back in the Spring of this year, good news came out of CNBC regarding average 401k returns when they published an article titled Big Surge in 401k Balances, but Workers still not Saving Enough. The news out of this article was that the average 401k balance had grown $42,400 or nearly doubled from five years ago. Sounds great and it looks like Americans achieved a super awesome return on their 401k balances (finally).

Only, it didn’t happen that way.

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10 Things Life Insurance Agents Won’t Say: #4 Variable Annuities are Just Expensive Mutual Funds

Next up on the Market Watch exposé is a discussion about variable annuities, their expenses, complexity, and lack of any uniqueness compared to other investments options—or at least that’s what someone would like you to believe.

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