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139 Financial Pro Cast: You Can’t Sell THOSE Products?


This is our second week of publishing the Financial Procast after going back to our original format of discussing various issues that have come in the world of finance. We sincerely hope that those in our community are enjoying listening to the episodes as much as we enjoy putting them together for you.

Now, onto today’s show:

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Ten Things Life Insurance Agents won’t Say: #9 We’d Rather Sell you Investments

Moving right along on our critique of Market Watch’s failed attempt at a slam piece against insurance agents from a few months ago, today we take on item #9.

Apparently insurance agents find insurance dreadfully boring. So boring in fact, that they’d much rather talk to you about “investments.” And, much to their delight, federal legislation that came about in 1999 opened up the flood gates allowing agents to rush to the market with savings focused life insurance products—because it’s not like they’d been doing this for over 100 years with whole life insurance or anything.

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Indexed Universal Life Insurance: Another Weird Trick to get more Cash out of your Policy

Indexed Universal Life Insurance is the dominate form of fixed (i.e. not involving any direct investment in mutual funds) universal life insurance for cash accumulation, and just like whole life insurance can be manipulated by agents and brokers to maximize cash value produced by the policy.

Just like last weeks discussion, the change that we make to optimize cash value does not require that the policy owner place any more money into the policy than he or she was planning, it simply comes down to properly designing the policy to focus it on cash accumulation.

It should also be noted that with universal life insurance, there tends to be a greater divergence in terms of cash value development between policies that are designed to provide cash accumulation and policies that are designed to focus more on sustained death benefit—and this goes beyond the simply distinction between universal life insurance policies that are designed to have an indefinite secondary guarantee. If you don’t know what that last statement means, don’t worry too much about it.

Just know that correct policy selection for universal life insurance is just as critical as it is with whole life insurance.

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138 Financial Pro Cast: No One Use the Bathroom After Metlife


And so begins the 3rd year of the Financial Procast

Our listeners have told us that they would really like for us to get back to our “roots”. That is to say, we wax poetically about three or four financial related news stories and share our unique brand of commentary.

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Ten Things Life Insurance Agents won’t say: #10 you have too much Life Insurance?

Back in July, market watch published a list of 10 Things Life Insurance Agents won’t say, which is an on going theme for the articles author, Daniel Goldstein. The piece attempts to be provocative and cast doubt on the life insurance industry within the eyes of the consumer. This allusion is not a new one. The evil {insert name of industry here} is out to get you, but we, the good guys in the media, are looking out for you and here to help you navigate your way out of their complicated web of lies.

While I applaud any attempt to bring truth and justice into the spotlight, I also appreciate the truth. And since this piece was so terribly embellished (and poorly written), I’ve decided to yet again get out the old Insurance Pro Blog bleach and disinfect the internet. We’re going to address each point for the next ten weeks (oh boy!) with facts that will help bring clarity and reality to disinterested media’s dim-witted attempt to pants the life insurance industry.

So claim #10, you actually have too much life insurance…

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