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155 Taxes: Because I Don’t Want To


Today’s episode is all about taxes. Now, we normally talk about taxes as the April 15th deadline approaches, however, with all the buzz concerning the President’s latest proposed changes that could ultimately change tax law, we felt obliged to talk about taxes today.

So, we don’t have a neatly organized show for you today. Instead, it’s more of a free flowing rant about the proposed changes and what we think about them.  Read More…

Understanding Life Insurance Underwriting: What does it mean to be Standard or Preferred

The life insurance underwriting process is an evaluation of an applicant that insurers use to categorize policyholders. The regular categories looking something like: standard, preferred, and preferred plus or some equivalent idea.

But what does it means to be standard or preferred? And why do insurance agents and brokers sometimes talk about waiting until the end of the year to apply for insurance for those who are on the bubble between various risk classes?

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154 Variable Universal Life Insurance Lawsuit


A new variable universal life insurance lawsuit was filed in California Superior Court back in October of 2014 alleging Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Fraud, Professional Negligence, and Unjust Enrichment. Defendants listed in the lawsuit include Larson Financial Group, Larson Financial Securities, John Hancock Life, and Nationwide Life and Annuity.

The complaint tells an interesting story of Larson Financial Group’s infiltration into a professional medical association in Southern California that resulted in the sales of a handful of larger sized variable universal life insurance policies that three purchasers later regretted and for which they are now seeking damages.

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Why aren’t there more Fee-Only Insurance Advisors?

Fee-only insurance advisors sound like a good idea. Since we can never know if an insurance agent/broker is truly working in a client’s best interest or secretly anticipating a commission check, the thought of an independent second opinion that is not motivated by a potential payday appears straightforwardly good.

However, the use of fee-only insurance advisors is very few and very far between. Further the number of fee-only insurance consultants pales in comparison to the number of insurance agents/brokers. So why does this seemingly good idea fail so miserably to be a widespread and successful industry?

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153 That Two-Faced Sonnova…


We had a couple of thin topics to start off today’s episode but not to worry…the last two topics carried us and we had plenty to say about those things. It seems talking about 401k’s and picking on government officials is always good fodder.

Be sure you tune in to the bit on Roth IRA rollovers from 401k’s as that may very well pertain to some of you and for your convenience I’ve timestamped the whole thing so you can skip around.

And I know I mentioned this last week but…

It’s been a while since we’ve done a “Q&A” type show and we would love to do a couple this year, so if you have questions that you’d like us to tackle, please comment on this post or use our contact form. Send us your burning questions and we will do our best to address them all in an upcoming episode.

We’ve gotten a couple of questions so far and we thank those of you who have submitted those but keep them coming in so that we can have a couple of information packed episodes. We really enjoy doing this when we feel that we are providing value to our audience.

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