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181 Cars, Houses and Yard Sale Knick Knacks

garage sale


In episode 181 of the Financial Procast, here’s what we discuss:

Money Flees U.S. stock funds

SEC commissioners push for greater pricing transparency for bonds

Variable Annuity surrender charges aren’t what some would have you think

Rents rise to “crazy” levels

An as a reminder, there will not be a new episode of the financial procast next week. But we’ll be back in a couple weeks with a new episode.

If you would like to reach out to us, we’re always happy to hear from you.

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Ever been around someone who tried too hard? It’s painfully obvious.

The financial services industry is guilty of this kind of behavior. Need proof? Just google the term “society of grownups” and you will need no further evidence that we’re telling you the truth. I could link to them here but we make it a policy to only send our visitors away from our site when there’s something useful on the other end. Read More…

Who are Our Clients?

The Insurance Pro Blog
After we published the no contest between whole life and term life insurance article a few weeks ago many of you apparently found a side comment I made very intriguing. We’ve received more emails asking about our typical clients than any other subject since that article went live.

I’ve resisted writing this post for years. My aversion stemmed from a desire to be open to all and I want to stress that I still feel that way.

However, inquiring minds want to know about our “typical” client and I suppose in many respects it makes sense to identify who exactly we’re talking about when we discuss the subject of insurance specifically speaking to life insurance as an asset class. So here goes… Read More…

179 Welcome to Chi Phi Pi




Don’t let the title fool you. We’re not actually starting our own sorority. But we do think that it’s a shame that the CFP board recently compared itself to one in a recent court case where they were being sued.

We thought it was an organization dedicated to upholding a professional standard in the financial planning community?

We’re talking about that recent court ruling and a few other things today on the Financial Procast. Read More…

The Over-Loan Protection Rider

over loan protection rider

For years, the task of creating income from a life insurance policy was all about balancing the growth of policy loans against the growth of policy cash values. Assuming the policy cash values grew at a faster pace than the loan balance, everything was a-okay.

But what happens if the loan balance outpaces the growth of the policy’s cash value?

…ugly things…

Read More…