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Indexed Universal Life Insurance Crediting Debate Update

The debate over regulating indexed universal life insurance interest rate assumptions looks to be nearing an end and as the dust settles it appears as though the whole life insurance coalition won. Read More…

162 I do, I do, I do, I do


You’re probably wondering, “what’s with the crazy title?”

Well, one of us getting married in a few months and is getting quite the education on weddings and I say “miscellaneous” costs that tag along for the ride.

But don’t fret, if that’s of little interest to you, we’ve got plenty more to discuss

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161 You Can Be Objective and Still Be Wrong


Sometimes after we record the Financial Procast I realize that though we’ve discussed three or four separate topics with no apparent connection, a common thread emerges that ties them all together.

Today’s episode is one of those moments.

What is the obsession with “objective” financial advice? What does that even mean? And…more importantly, just because your advice comes from an objective source (for the purpose of this discussion that would mean someone with whom there is no financial incentive to provide advice that leans one way or another) does that necessarily mean it’s good advice?

We don’t think so. You can be objective and still be wrong.

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Whole Life Insurance Guaranteed Cash Value Gaffe: A Financial Planner gets it very wrong

Normally we are fine with leaving minor mistakes people make regarding various financial products alone—long time readers of this blog know we’ve sure made our fair share of editing booboos among the nearly 500 articles we’ve written in the past three years.

Recently, we were called in to review advice (a second opinion) given by a financial planner that was so wrong I have to highlight it here. And I also realized something in correcting the misinformation that made me think this is a mistake some others might be making. So I did a little digging around the ye olde interwebs (looking at forum posts & financial blogs) and discovered it is indeed a common mistake.

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160 Are You Ducking Crazy?


Despite it being a bit of a slow week in the world of financial news, we managed to find a few nuggets that hopefully you’ll find interesting.

Today we are talking about President Obama’s proposed budget for 2016…well not really. But we are discussing some of his proposed changes to how IRA’s are taxed–both in regard to Roth IRA conversions and to the repeal of stretch IRA provisions. No doubt both will prove to lightning rod issues for many.

Also, we’re taking a look at a grand experiment that is being funded by Peter Thiel that pays kids to drop out of college and dive into the world of entrepreneurship. It started a few years back and we have an update on its progress.

Institutional bond investors have decided now’s the time to buy bonds? Seems like they’re late to the party…no?

Finally, we look at some common mistakes and misconceptions surrounding life insurance beneficiaries. Yes, we know it’s not terribly interesting but it is very important, be sure not to skip it as it could save your heirs a ton of trouble and money.

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