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IPB 032: Life Insurance is a Terrible Investment and the Rate of Return Stinks pt. 2

life insurance returns stink

The claim that life insurance returns are terrible is nonsense and a form of weak thinking mostly intended to confuse and mislead. But it’s easier for all the financial bloggers and talking heads to agree with each other, so…

It seems that most people’s only measure of savings or investment strategy is to look at the rate-of-return. If the return is higher, it must by default be better.  Read More…

IPB 031: High Commissions Make Life Insurance a Bad Deal (life insurance myths debunked part 1)



Over the next few weeks our podcast will look at five of the most common myths people have regarding life insurance. In particular, we’re looking at those myths that attack cash value life insurance and the evil people (us) that sell it.

If you want a preview of each topic, you should head over here to see the “Top Five Arguments…” and the links to a more in-depth explanation of both. Read More…

IPB 030: The Definitive Argument Against Buy Term and Invest the Difference

Two young caucasian office worker starting to fight


Buy term and invest the difference has long been the mantra of investment salesman(women) and Primerica built an entire company around the idea. The premise behind the concept has always been that one could achieve a greater return with “investments”  vs. traditional whole life insurance and it’s cash surrender value build up. Read More…

Whole Life Insurance has a Strong Risk Adjusted Return – Historical Evidence

Risk return

Three years ago this past Friday we published one of the most significant blog posts on this web site. This post, and a successor post we published last year remain some of the most popular content we’ve created.

For those unfamiliar with the original article, it reported on real historical data provided by a whole life insurance policyholder who was fortunate enough to purchase a decently designed blended whole life insurance policy back in the early 90’s. Read More…

IPB 029: How the Economy Impacts Universal Life Insurance

This week’s episode is a continuation of the discussion we had last week. If you didn’t catch that one, you can go and listen to it now.

Last week we discussed the impact that the economy and more specifically, interest rates, have on whole life insurance. This week is all about how the economy has, can and will impact universal life insurance.

What happens if interest rates go up (as we suspect is going to happen)?

Listen to the full episode to find out more.


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