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IPB 012: Whole Life Insurance vs. the Stock Market


We’ve been asked to compare whole life insurance vs. the stock market too many times not to make at least one episode about it. It’s not a comparison that we’re wild about making.

First, it makes it seem that it’s an us vs. them sort of scenario. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

We believe that investing in the market Read More…

Life Insurance as an Income Producing Asset with the Power of Leverage

Life Insurance Income Producing Asset

We’ve talked a lot about using life insurance as an income producing asset. Many people stumble a bit when they first attempt to wrap their head around the notion of using “insurance” either as a place to save money or as an asset from which they can generate income. 

I raised an eyebrow or two when first presented with the idea. Today’s discussion is not an introduction to the concept of using life insurance as an income source, but rather a somewhat advanced look at why it can work so well.

Read More…

IPB 011: Universal Life Insurance Policy Loans


Today’s episode is all about universal life insurance policy loans. Yeah, not the most exciting topic…we know. However, it’s important to have at least a high level of understanding on the subject if you are looking to use the cash value from your policy.

Particularly if you plan to draw an income from your policy at some point the future.  Read More…

When a 5.75% Return is Better than an 8% Return


It’s not uncommon to hear an investment salesperson or financial guru looking to chum the waters for a possible comment section debate make a statement like “whole life insurance/universal life insurance is a bad investment because the rate of return is terrible.”

Though we’ve addressed this statement a few times on the Insurance Pro Blog, I wanted to distill the point many people miss into as simple a notion as possible. Also, I want to have a conversation about total return or total benefit you get from committing dollars to a specific cause.

Read More…

IPB 010: An Introduction to Universal Life Insurance



Today we’re backing up a bit before we move forward. As it turns out we already have the next couple of months episodes already mapped out…which you’ll know is very unusual for us if you’ve been following us for any length of time.

But with this newest podcast we’re really making an effort to be more organized with providing information in a more logical order. It’s hard to say what that means when you’re talking about life insurance, however, we are making an effort.

So far, we’ve spent a good deal of time discussing Read More…

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