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125 Yet One More Problem With Your Company’s 401k


Today we are discussing one of our favorite financial products…the 401k. We really wish you could see the red hot glow of the sarcasm light in our studio.

If you’ve been listening to the Financial Procast for any length of time, you will surely be familiar with our disdain for the 401k. It’s not necessarily that we think the product or idea is bad, we just think there’s been way too much emphasis placed on it as a tool to solve the retirement income woes of America.

Those who think the 401k will save them from the meow mix diet during retirement are surely destined to be disappointed. We have witnessed firsthand the problems that are created by having too much of your liquid net-worth invested in qualified plans of any kind.

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124 Certified Financial Planners do very little Planning


The Certified Financial Planner designation stands as a testament of one’s dedication to excellence and superiority in the world of financial planning. Or at least that’s what the CFP Board and the designees want you to believe. And they’ve done a good job convincing the world that CFP® holders are the wise wizards of the retail financial services industry.

Our personal experience, however, hasn’t quite match up with the marketing machine’s hype…

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Even Bad Whole Life Insurance has worked out Pretty Well

Bad whole life insurance, the stuff that isn’t designed the way we suggest it should be, sometimes catches fire for its so-called poor returns. Those with something to sell you that isn’t life insurance (i.e. that competes for those dollars) like to focus on fees and talk about how terrible the product is. And in recent years, historical whole life insurance cash value performance reports from places like the now defunct Blease Research were used to try and claim that returns were mediocre and illustrations always overstated the performance of the policies.

But prior to the peak in interest rates seen in the late 80’s/early 90’s whole life projections often understated the performance of the product.  And when we go back beyond this point and look at a policy put in force several years prior, we see dramatically different returns. This is potentially really good news for the life insurance industry and its ability to deliver competitive returns on its products relative to the entire selection of financial products.

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123 What’s the Real Rate of Return of the Stock Market?


Well the Dow was at 17,000, but this week certainly hasn’t been very generous to American equities. Ignoring that ugly truth for a minute, we wanted to take a minute to look at last week’s awesome new highs and discuss what it really means for the real return of the stock market.

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122 Gen X Retirement: Gloomy


When it comes to Gen X and Retirement all is not well with the MTV Generation. But this despair doesn’t seem to be rooted in a systemic lack of effort—one of the core flaws often noted by its preceding generation—rather it originates from a demoralizing late-in-life shift in world view coupled with a struggle to gain attention among the institutions that most likely hold the answers to Gen X’s path to retirement prosperity.

Or perhaps it’s just a hold over of that 90’s Curt Cobain and Fiona Apple everything sucks and everyone is awful mentality with which a lot of them entered into adult hood augmented by their having to witness the breakdown of the US economy right before most of them truly got to ride the gravy train.

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