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171 If We All Got an Inheritance, We’d All Be Rich

rich get richer



In this week’s “live from the coast of Georgia” episode, we’re talking about:

Why Elite Colleges Don’t Guarantee Success

How the Rich Got Rich

Is the 401k to Blame?

Your financial advisor has vanished

Not much else to add this week…somebody’s gotta get some sand between their toes.

As always, if you have questions please reach out to us here.

Blended Whole Life Insurance versus the Stock Market


About two years ago, we put out an article with real historical results of a blended whole life policy. The policy was shared on the Bogleheads forum (of all places). The compound annual growth rates of that policy and the S&P 500 were close.

But, I made a mistake in my comparison… Read More…

170 Spend More, Save Less


It seems like episode 170 is all about psychology and how people think about things related to money. Well, at least that’s what we were shooting for…I think.

Of course we’d all like to think that we’re 100% logical when it comes to planning our finances but as you’ll learn by listening, that’s just not the case. Most times, we tend to be more emotional than logical.

That being said, after listening to today’s show I think you’ll also understand that most people just don’t take the time to think through some basic math. If they did, they would quickly realize the flaw in their thinking.

Example: Maybe getting a 12% return on my portfolio in the next 12 months (while having 80% in cash) is not realistic? Read More…

Five-Year Whole Life Insurance Company Investment Yield Trend: 2015 Edition

A life insurance company’s yield on assets is a great metric to watch with respect to inferences concerning the cash performance within policies. Since life insurers use the yield achieved on managed assets to support policy benefits this statistic is of extreme importance to us especially when we focus on cash accumulation values within a life insurance policy.

We specifically look at the overall trend for this statistic to see if an insurer is improving or regressing in terms of yield on assets achieved. Read More…

169 Remember the Bondex?


In episode 169 of the Financial Procast we re-visit the Bondex. For those of you that have no idea what that means, you could go all the way back here and listen to the original episode.

Be warned, it was one of the first recordings we made…sound quality is not great.

The first half of today’s show is all about bonds–exciting right? No, probably not but listening and understanding what falling bond prices (and increasing yields) means for your money might save you from some pain. Read More…