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132 You’re Standard and That’s a Good Thing


Today we are talking about a very important aspect of insurance underwriting. So as everyone quits listening at that point…no seriously hang in there to the very end and we’ll reveal something super secret!

No really, there’s no big secret but we promise to make this an interesting episode.

This is one of those topics that we should have covered in the first five episodes and/or blog posts but we didn’t. And we are attempting to go back and right the wrongs of our past. Read More…

131 Stock Market Crash Ahead? Who Cares?


Didn’t we just talk about the Dow broke 17,000 for the first time? Yes we did. Since then the average has fallen and come back just a bit. As of this very moment, its sitting at 16,651.

But honestly do we think the market is headed back up and will keep moving up? Or will it all fall part and accelerate downward trading.

We honestly have no clue. Read More…

130 And the Definition of Fee-Only is…


The CFP board is struggling with how it wants to define “Fee Only” financial planning. It’s a bit of a quandary–and that is how do we define this term? What is fee only? Who has the right to use that label to describe themselves?

Over the last couple of years this debate has been heating up, however, it only seems to have to muddied the waters that much further. Some people have been sanctioned by the CFP board for doing things that others have not been sanctioned for. In short, there seems to be a fair amount of inconsistency among the CFP board and its dealing with its members. Read More…

129 Leave the Annuities Alone


There is a worrying trend that we are seeing in the financial services industry recently. That trend involves selling indexed universal life insurance to people that have previously purchased fixed indexed annuities with some sort of guaranteed minimum withdrawal benefit (GMWB) or lifetime income rider.

Now that isn’t necessarily a problem as one could certainly own an annuity with this sort of benefit and an IUL policy for distinct reasons.  Read More…

128 Buy More Stocks!


Are millennials making a big mistake by not investing enough of their retirement funds in stocks? Well, someone over at the Motley Fool seems to think so and today we’re going to tell you what we think about their (the Motley Fool) opinion. Read More…