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IPB 044: It’s All About the Taxes



In exploring what we should talk about in episode 44, we realized that we’ve somehow gone almost an entire year without dedicating an episode to a discussion of taxes in relation to life insurance. Oops!

Sometimes we get caught up in focusing on finer points and miss the big picture. But we are correcting that today.

We’ve actually published quite a bit of information on the topic over the last 5 years and for those of you who prefer the written word…carry on. You’ll be please with what you find in the proceeding paragraphs. Read More…

IPB 043: The Indexed Universal Life Safety Review

With the current wave of companies lowering the caps on indexed universal life contracts, we thought it would be good idea to share our thoughts on that today.

Honestly, we’ve been “low balling” expectations on IUL contracts since we started offering them to our clients five’ish years ago. And that was back when some policies offered cap rates as high as 14%.

Now, I do hope that you all realize I’m being a bit tongue and cheek with the “low balling” comment above. Actually, we just believed that using a lower projected return was prudent. Read More…

IPB 042: The Really Important Life Insurance Metrics


Well the summer’s over. Which obviously means that we’re not allowed to have anymore fun…right?

You’d certainly think that if you were looking at our episode from last week and what we’re discussing today.

In episode 42, we’re continuing with the spirit of last week’s episode. So, if you that was the greatest thing we’ve ever released, awesome.

Sadly, if you thought it was awful, you’ll likely be disappointed in this week’s episode.

Either way, I think you’ll find the discussion useful.

Read More…

IPB 041: You Naughty, Naughty Life Insurer


Today we are revisiting something that has popped up a few times over the years of writing and podcasting. But our take is a bit different and the focus of this episode follows suit.

Our discussion revolves around universal life insurance. And no, we’re not hopping on board the media frenzy that wants to adopt a scorched Earth policy for every universal life insurance policy ever sold.

Nor are we lampooning every company that’s ever issued universal life insurance.

In fact, as those of you who’ve been hanging around for a while already know, we sell a fair amount of indexed universal life insurance ourselves.

But… Read More…

IPB 040: Single Premium Whole Life Insurance

Just yesterday, we realized that since we started the podcast back in November of 2015 we’ve not discussed anything specifically regarding single premium life insurance.

With interest rates today at their lowest point in recent history and for a protracted period, many life insurance companies have chosen to pull their single premium products. But there are still a few available. Read More…


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