Whole Life Insurance Five Year Investment Income Trend

Investment income is a huge profit driver for life insurance companies.

We've spent a lot of time analyzing and reporting on overall investment yield trends for life insurance companies, but that analysis only compares the raw yield insurers achieve on their managed asset pool.  It's possible that a declining yield simple indicates a de-risking strategy.

Investment income is not necessarily declining and the insurer is under no real financial trouble.  In fact, we've made this argument several times when discussing these trends and others.

So if we instead look at

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Whole Life Insurance: “One Weird Trick” to get more Cash out of your Policy

High Cash Value

We all want more money. And when it comes to getting more money, we tend to think that there’s an arduous task ahead of us marked with unrelenting sacrifice and persistence. But when it comes to whole life insurance there’s actually nothing we have to do.

This seems counter-intuitive—if not downright impossible—but truth is getting more money with whole life insurance requires no extra effort, it just a little policy tweaking. And that’s where the real challenge lies.

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