Why the Blended Whole Life Idea is Conceptually Perfect, but sometimes Practically Flawed

Why the Blended Whole Life Idea is Conceptually Perfect

Blended whole life insurance has long been a mainstay subject at the Insurance Pro Blog. Dare I go so far as to say it’s the subject that acted as the catalyst for the site’s existence (that might be a tad sensationalist, but also not incredibly far off from the truth).

We’ve explained numerous times how it works, and why it works. We even have historical evidence for its proof of concept. But, in the interest of cash optimization there exists another question that is a tad out of left field, but extremely important. Practically speaking, does it work?

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Whole Life Blending, Does Cash Value Life Insurance Design Really Matter?

Whole life blending, as we've discussed before, is a process for designing cash value life insurance to maximize cash value available to the policyholder/client and income potential.

Still, there are those who like to suggest it doesn't matter. Those who would spend time arguing against a policy that is designed to maximize paid-up additions when it comes to your annual outlay.

We recently realized that we made a big mistake when it comes to how we talk about this. And today, we'll fix that mistake.

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