142 How It Should Be Interpretated

How It Should Be Interpretated

To those in our audience who have reached out to us and let us know more of what you'd like for us to discuss on the Finanical Procast, we thank you. And for those of you that have not let us know what you'd like to hear us discuss, please don't hesitate to do so, we are open and willing to entertain just about anything as it relates to the world of finance.

We record this show every week for the benefit of those in our community and it always helps to know more of what you'd like for us to discuss.  

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062 Should You Buy A House?

062 Should You Buy A House

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In the 62nd episode of the Financial Procast:

For so many years, home ownership has been a rite of passage for Americans.  It's all part of the American Dream.  Now, before I get all sorts of hate mail and nasty comments on this topic, we're not against buying a house or investing in real estate for that matter.


We would like to have an honest conversation about it.  Can you really consider your house to be a great investment?

There are certainly a number of good reasons to buy a house but I'm not sure that any of them are necessarily great financial reasons.  For most people, buying a house and signing up for a mortgage is the largest financial commitment they'll ever make.

Is that a sad commentary on the financial well-being of our country?  Is it a good thing if you are planning on your home being a “path to prosperity?

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059 FOMO No No


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In the 59th episode of the Financial Procast:

Do You Have Financial FOMO?

Unfortunately it seems that financial “advisors” have spent too many years trying to gain credibility with their clients by pitching them on creative ways to defer, delay or dodge taxes.  Now, we realize that this notion has some appeal…especially when it's done legally and well within in the confines of the IRC.

However, we run into people on a fairly regular basis who've bought into using some tactic to get around a “tax problem” that exists in the present only to find out they've created a substantial problem down the road.  We've seen some schemes that people thought up all on their own and we've seen some that were recommended at great expense by an advisor of some sort.

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Invest in Real Estate? Why not Modified Endowment Contracts?

Why not Modified Endowment Contracts

Sometimes I just feel like being edgy, and throwing the words invest and Modified Endowment Contract about seems like a good way to be edgy. Of course this so called “edginess” is more a testament of my dork-dom–analogous to my saying, “I know my AGI is >$33,750 but screw form 6251.”

If you got that joke, I think I love you.

But in all seriousness a few recent events played out that gave way to this post. You see, It's been a long time since I thought real estate was a good place to invest. When I was in college I had a professor point out that the 30 year CAGR on real-estate in the United States was under 4%. Yikes! That was before the bubble popped, and let's not forget that real-estate can be super volatile.

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