070 The Government Is Paying Us to Make This Podcast

070 The Government Is Paying Us to Make This Podcast

Happy New Year to all of those who've stopped by the Insurance Pro Blog on the first day of 2014!  We're busy making plans for the new year as you read this on our never ending quest to bring our community greater value this year than we have in the past.

If there's something you'd like for us to cover in an upcoming Financial Procast or as a topic on the Insurance Pro Blog, please let us know as our suggestion box is always open.

Now, on with today's episode:

It seems that really bad financial advice is never in short supply. So, a few weeks back Brandon and I began to have a conversation surrounding this very topic (imagine that?) and we began to ponder–what is the root of all this bad advice?

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062 Should You Buy A House?

062 Should You Buy A House

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In the 62nd episode of the Financial Procast:

For so many years, home ownership has been a rite of passage for Americans.  It's all part of the American Dream.  Now, before I get all sorts of hate mail and nasty comments on this topic, we're not against buying a house or investing in real estate for that matter.


We would like to have an honest conversation about it.  Can you really consider your house to be a great investment?

There are certainly a number of good reasons to buy a house but I'm not sure that any of them are necessarily great financial reasons.  For most people, buying a house and signing up for a mortgage is the largest financial commitment they'll ever make.

Is that a sad commentary on the financial well-being of our country?  Is it a good thing if you are planning on your home being a “path to prosperity?

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