Whole Life Blending, Does Cash Value Life Insurance Design Really Matter?

Whole life blending, as we've discussed before, is a process for designing cash value life insurance to maximize cash value available to the policyholder/client and income potential.

Still, there are those who like to suggest it doesn't matter. Those who would spend time arguing against a policy that is designed to maximize paid-up additions when it comes to your annual outlay.

We recently realized that we made a big mistake when it comes to how we talk about this. And today, we'll fix that mistake.

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Cash Value Life Insurance as an Asset Class – How it Works: Part 1 Whole Life Insurance

Cash Value Life InsuranceIt occurred to me somewhat recently that all my praise for cash value life insurance has left some unanswered questions regarding execution.  This is purely a function of precious little time and the needs for a more diverse range of topics.  This week I'll be rolling out a two part series on the subject (two so that we can spend ample time sorting out how it's done with whole life and universal life insurance).  And since whole life is way trickier, we'll start there.

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