Five Reasons Whole Life Insurance is Better than a 529 Plan


The 529 Plan began to materialize in the mid 1990’s taking inspiration from prepaid tuition programs in the state of Michigan.

Since the initial formation it has become the dominate recommendation among financial gurus for college savings in the United States—despite President Obama’s suggestion that we end the tax free distribution 529 Plans enjoy during his 2015 State of the Union Address.

Despite the overwhelming support the financial media expresses for 529’s Americans still overwhelmingly choose basic savings accounts to save for college.

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Case Study: Whole Life Insurance vs. Bond Strategy


We receive phone calls and emails every week from people looking to “de-risk” their portfolio and possibly add life insurance as a complement to their other investment and savings strategies.

A comment that tends to trend among these good folks notes that while we’ve done a pretty decent job explaining the more esoteric aspects of life insurance (according to the comments) it’s still somewhat difficult to understand exactly how this works and why it’s beneficial.

I can accept and agree with this comment and in an attempt to build out more comprehensive understanding I'd like to present a case study today that highlights some of the power behind life insurance when used as an asset in one’s portfolio. We’ll be publishing several more of these in the coming year. While we’ve been given permission to share these stories, names have been altered a bit to protect identity.

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Whole Life Insurance: “One Weird Trick” to get more Cash out of your Policy

High Cash Value

We all want more money. And when it comes to getting more money, we tend to think that there’s an arduous task ahead of us marked with unrelenting sacrifice and persistence. But when it comes to whole life insurance there’s actually nothing we have to do.

This seems counter-intuitive—if not downright impossible—but truth is getting more money with whole life insurance requires no extra effort, it just a little policy tweaking. And that’s where the real challenge lies.

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Yes You Should Buy Term and Invest the Difference

Yes You Should Buy Term and Invest the Difference

Buy term and invest the difference has long been the mantra of investment salesman(women) and Primerica built an entire company around the idea. The premise behind the concept has always been that one could achieve a greater return with “investments”  vs. traditional whole life insurance and it’s cash surrender value build up.

For the investment industry, this was a way to take premium dollars away from the life insurance industry and redirect it into investment accounts. For Primerica, this was a way to replace current life insurance contracts with term insurance juxtapose on the cost today of achieving a given death benefit.

Other financial talking heads have jumped on the buy term and invest the different bandwagon, mostly because they know it draws a lot of attention from life insurance agents who want to argue the point—and few things draw more attention to you than a fight.

As insurance brokers/agents, one would anticipate that we’d very much dislike the notion of buy term and invest the difference, but one would be wrong to make that assumption.

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