TEFRA DEFRA TAMRA: How Taxes Effect Life Insurance

life insurance policies have tax rules

Life insurance enjoys some unique tax benefits, but it also faces limits imposed by legislation we know as TEFRA DEFRA and TAMRA.  These pieces of legislation established specific guidelines as to what you can and cannot do with life insurance.

Each of these pieces of legislation creates rules that agents, policyholders, and people looking at whole life or indexed universal life insurance (or any UL product) should know.

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105 Universal Life Insurance Guarantees: There’s More to this Story

105 Universal Life Insurance Guarantees

Since the inception of universal life insurance in the late 1970’s, the whole life world has felt threatened and rightfully so. Universal life insurance boasted a myriad of benefits that improved upon many of the drawbacks that long plagued whole life insurance.

And the one argument the whole life insurance champions have long leaned on is the guaranteed aspect of whole life insurance vs. universal life insurance.

But does this angle really work for whole life insurance? Conceptually it makes sense. And the guaranteed column is guaranteed. But practically speaking does this argument matter? And if it doesn’t, does this spell trouble for whole life insurance?

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