Sell More Whole Life Insurance Without Using High Pressure Tactics

Our book, Predictable Profits is written to help you avoid the expensive "fake it til you make it" mistakes.

You'll discover five distinct ways that you can position whole life insurance as a financial Swiss Army Knife.

The strategies revealed in Predictable Profits are field-tested by us in our own practice, not hypothetical sales ideas concocted by an insurance company home office marketing department.

Inside You'll Learn...

  • Why the initial policy setup is the most critical part of the entire process, to ensure that your clients will be happy with your work decades from now...when it matters most
  • How a whole life policy can deliver 13.5% yield in the form of income distributions while the top-rated dividend focused mutual fund only yields 3.5%
  • Why traditional methods of helping your clients build future retirement income are outdated and why whole life insurance is better even though it will nearly always underperform the stock market
  • An easy way to help your clients calculate loan repayment plans
  • How cash values can help your clients avoid selling grandma's jewelry to buy groceries in retirement
  • The precise logic that makes prospects pay attention to you and relieves the stress of needing to overcome objections
  • Why buying a whole life insurance policy for children is rarely a good idea despite the industry pushing it for decades

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