I Like It

I Like It

I came a cross this today and thought it was a nice piece done on the subject.  Though I don't personally think LBS is all that and a bag of chips like Guardian career agents (who have exclusive proprietary access to it) do.  The bigger message is certainly spot on.  As a fellow colleague of mine (who is a Guardian career agent) always says, “There are plenty of people out there who are wizards of this stuff, and don't need LBS, so I don't make it the core reason to do business with me.”


Guardian does do a really great job highlighting the use of life insurance as a low risk asset class.   Being domiciled in NY state (Home Office is in Lower Manhattan) they've been dealing with a sophisticated financial clientèle for years, and their message tends to be a little more subdued than the all or nothing feeling one might get from Nash and Yellen.

I especially like the message at the end about running off to tell the younger folks.  If you're 85 and missed the boat, there's still a lot of good you can do in telling your kids, grandkids, friends kids etc. about how powerful a strategy this is.

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