Hello World: This Blog and the United States Share a Birth Month

It started on a cold dark night…

Sort of, actually more late afternoon/early evening, but this post is going up as we drag into an unseasonably cold evening even for New England.  Everyone has to start some where and here we are…

The Insurance Pro Blog is the brain child of Brandon Roberts, a now independent life/health insurance agent with former career experience with the Guardian.  There's three main reasons for making this leap into the blogosphere where never before have so many had so much to say to so little 😉

  1. It's apparent that a lot of the information out there on vitally important topics like life and disability insurance is pretty anemic at best, and downright misleading and potentially destructive at worse (pretty broad swing there).  So, in an attempt to put more quality peek-behind-the-curtains-like information out there, we are going to try and bring the more advanced knowledge to everyone in a way that anyone can pick up and be comfortable applying to their life.
  2. To assist agents in need.  Training for agents at most career shops is more sales-pitch focused than actual helping a client focused.  These products do good things for people, but when applied incorrectly, can be hugely annoying, and also very damaging.  We won't promise to make you an MDRT producer, but hopefully you'll be able to distinguish the true differences between CVAT and GPT when designing a UL plan for a client.
  3. Helping people figure out financial insurance.  I find that a lot of people have questions, they are just afraid of asking for a number of reasons.  We hope that this blog will turn into a far reaching resource to address your questions, and please feel free to shoot us an email any time you think we could be of assistance.  We'd be happy to be your second opinion, or first.

That's it for now.

2 thoughts on “Hello World: This Blog and the United States Share a Birth Month”

  1. Still find these old blog posts so incredibly insightful and helpful. Please don’t ever take them down. GP


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