IPB 083: Are Whole Life and Universal Life Insurance Interchangeable?

I know that all of our listeners are teeming with excitement as they see us release a new episode. We figured that if we gave it the ole college try, we could produce two episodes of the podcast for the month of September. One of us (Brantley) decided to move so we'll blame our lack of new episodes on that this time.

But in all seriousness, it's good to back.

In episode 83, we're discussing whole life and universal life in a bit of a different way than we have before. So many companies and brokerages that we speak with really seem to believe that the two products (WL and UL) are totally interchangeable.

Taken a step further, there seems to be some consensus that it's really just a matter of preference. And in some cases that's not far from true.

However, there are instances when one is clearly the winner over the other and there are yet other times where circumstances dictate which of the two will be a better fit.

If that sounds interesting to you, listen to the entire episode.

Good news for everyone, we've already planned our next episode, so you can plan on that for next week.

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1 thought on “IPB 083: Are Whole Life and Universal Life Insurance Interchangeable?”

  1. Rather than call whole life rigid, would you call it stable? In contrast, would you agree that universal life flexibility in premiums and credits is unstable when underfunded?

    The UL dynamic of taking on more risk when CV is less than expected is the reverse of WL. UL benefits need to be adjusted up or down in retirement to have a permanent portion of life insurance. Hope a future podcast covers this need.


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