IPB 070: Question and Answer-Round 2

Episode 70 marks only our second FAQ episode since we started the Insurance Pro Blog Podcast. But it proves that we do indeed love the questions that we get from our audience, so keep'em coming our way. We'll do our best to get to them in our upcoming Q&A episodes.

We were planning to answer three questions today. Alas, our attempts at brevity fell short and so we only answered two questions.

Here's what we tackled in episode 70:

1. Is the waiver of premium rider worth the cost and what does it really do for you if you become disabled?


2. How do you distinguish a “good advisor” from all the rest? The financial services industry views an advisor/agent/producer as top notch if they generate more revenue than everyone else. But…is that the metric you (the client) should be using?

And seriously, keep the questions coming our way, we may address your questions in a future broadcast or mash them up with other questions if we believe it provides a better context for understanding.

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