IPB 045: Can We Just Leave Dave Ramsey Alone?

We're drawing a line in the sand here.

It's time for insurance agents to get over Dave Ramsey. He has his crowd, his fans, his followers or whatever you want to call them. And that's okay…get over it.


How many articles can you write about one guy who hasn't really said anything different in the last 15 years?

Mind you, there's a lot of what he says that's absolutely spot on. You'll never hear us be totally dismissive of any financial entertainer who suggests that spending less than you make is a good idea.

It's called being financially responsible and that's a good message.

Now, we diverge when it gets into the particular tactical advice that Dave gives but so what. We also disagree with lots of our counterparts in the financial services industry.

And to be totally honest, most of what he says about life insurance is not too far off. The truth is that term insurance is appropriate for a vast majority of the people out there.

It's particularly appropriate for those who are beginning on their own journey to right their financial ship. And that's exactly who Dave Ramsey is targeting.

People who don't have any money, need the most affordable life insurance protection they can get.


Using any type of cash value life insurance becomes appropriate down the road when there's extra cash to deploy.

Our advice: stop worrying about what Dave Ramsey says. He's not hurting your life insurance business or anyone else's for that matter.

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