IPB 015: The Infinite Banking Concept

We've are often asked about the Infinite Banking Concept and our opinion of it. If we you want to read more about it, we've actually written some other posts about it in the past.

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In this episode, we're digging into what was the original intention of the concept and discussing how it has been perverted by other “experts” in recent years.

1 thought on “IPB 015: The Infinite Banking Concept”

  1. I agree with you guys that IBC isn’t about making money out of thin air or by taking vacations or buying cars, thank you for stating this. Access to capital is the most important item when it comes to IBC and access to capital that is unrestricted by a middle man. One of the other benefits that has nothing to do with ROR or interest rates is freedom and opportunity.

    Freedom to control the financing function and those freedoms don’t only apply to manufacturing or a farming operations but also to the ordinary Joe who is trying to break the chains of the current banking system where they tell you how much and for what you can borrow money for.

    R.N.N. also talks about opportunity and what having capital can do in order to take advantage of those opportunity like his example of having money in order to purchase the forest land.

    He also speaks of short term thinking vs long term thinking and what happens is that people of wealth usually have a long term view of things. I can put the same $$ into a checking account or MM account and be better off in the first 5-8yrs, with the use of PLI it is a long term perspective or long term thinking, similar to buying real estate. We buy it for long term capital appreciation and income.

    There is nothing magical about the loan. Nelson talks about the process of banking versus the product of Perm life ins. If you use money for things then you should put that money back with interest to replenish your reserves and by charging yourself interest you EVA instead of spending cash and not understanding the real cost of spending cash. Again the policy is just a holding place for your cash and when you use it just understand that you pay interest or you lose interest you could have earned.

    Spend and grow wealthy never happens unless you are spending money on those things that grow wealth. Nelson speaks more to removing those middle men but along with that comes responsibility and taking control of your money. Like any business “banking” is a new business endeavor and has to be treated as such.


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