IPB 010: An Introduction to Universal Life Insurance

Today we're backing up a bit before we move forward. As it turns out we already have the next couple of months episodes already mapped out…which you'll know is very unusual for us if you've been following us for any length of time.

But with this newest podcast we're really making an effort to be more organized with providing information in a more logical order. It's hard to say what that means when you're talking about life insurance, however, we are making an effort.

So far, we've spent a good deal of time discussing whole life insurance and all that entails. We're gonna dive off into the weeds with universal life insurance now.

But I don't want you to think that the two are not related. That's a mistake far too many people  (including agents) make. The underlying arithmetic of dying doesn't change.

I mean a person doesn't magically live longer because they buy a whole life insurance policy instead of an indexed universal life insurance policy. Mortality assumptions are the same regardless.

Listen to the full episode for more commentary and if you want more in depth reading, check out these posts that discuss universal life insurance:

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If you have ideas for topics you'd like us to cover, please let us know. We're more than happy to weave those in to our calendar for future episodes.

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