IPB 007: 2016 Whole Life Insurance Dividend Recap

Well, we knew that you would need something to distract you from all the things you SHOULD be doing today…shopping for last minute gifts, going to family gatherings, snapping together plastic stuff for your children etc.

So we published a short episode this week to give you reprieve from those activities.

This is a recap of the dividend announcements that rolled out from companies that offer participating whole insurance policies. And before anyone gets their feathers ruffled, it's not an exhaustive recap.

There are a handful of companies that we can't get data from. I might add, not for lack of trying…they just won't speak to us (imagine that).

At any rate, hope you find our commentary useful. This is our last episode of 2015, we won't be publishing next week.

But we always do our best to answer your emails, so feel free to reach out to us and we'll get back to you as soon as reasonably possible given the time of year.

Thanks for caring enough to keep us going one more year, your listening and/or reading means more than you know and really keeps us doing this every week.

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