IPB Podcast Episode 001: Why Life Insurance?

Insurance Pro Blog podcast episode number one…Why Life Insurance?

For those who don't know, or even those who think they know, we'll tell you clearly…we do actually own and operate a life insurance practice.

We sell permanent life insurance, cash value life insurance, or… if you wanna get super-technical and really geeky–non-forfeiture benefit life insurance (disregard that one).

But Why? Why would anybody dedicate their life to selling life insurance?

That's for people with plastic briefcases, polyester pants and white patent leather shoes…right?

We've traded in our flip charts and 20 page questionnaires for this website. Turns out lots of people want to buy life insurance if you take the time to explain why they should consider it.

And no, I don't mean regurgitating information from the marketing collateral. I mean really explaining the benefits, breaking down the numbers, and then helping them navigate the process.

It may surprise you but very few of the people who come to us have any interest in buying life insurance. So, that begs the question…why would they?


Certain types of life insurance (participating whole life insurance and indexed universal life insurance) can be manipulated in a specific way to rapidly accumulate cash and have the ability to be used for whatever you want (no 59 1/2 early withdrawal penalty like an IRA).

It can be used to provide a safety net, funding source for your next big investment idea, for retirement income…literally anything you can dream up.

People that are looking for that sort of financial vehicle comprise well over 95% of our practice.

So, we thought that if we're going to do a weekly podcast, we should just talk about this. The episodes won't be too long, no more than a half-hour in most cases.

And our hope is that we give more people, more of what they want to hear from us.



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