Is Direct Recognition Better Than Non-Direct Recognition?
Or Maybe It's the Other Way Around?

From the Desk of Brantley Whitley

Bonaire, GA 

September 17, 2020

Dividend recognition speaks to the adjustments a life insurance company does or does not make to the dividend payable on a whole life policy when the owner takes a loan out against the policy.

There's non-direct recognition, where no change takes place to the dividend of an outstanding loan balance...

And we have direct recognition, where the life insurer does make an adjustment to the dividend when the policyholder takes a policy loan.

Some insurance marketers want you to believe that one option is always superior to the other. 

Is that true?

We analyzed both policy types and stress-tested them to see if one does come out superior as the other.

Check out this webinar presentation to get the answers. The playing time is more than 72 minutes including a Q&A session we held for the live attendees.

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