Breaking News: Ohio National Announces 2014 Dividend

Ohio National Life has announced the dividend interest rate for 2014. In an announcement from President and CEO Gary “Doc” Huffman, ONL noted its great expense management, strong portfolio performance, and very favorable mortality experience. No word on what the total dividend payout is for the entire company (not that it matters much to any single individual).
So what’s the new rate?

Holding Strong at Current Rate

Ohio National announced that it will be holding its current dividend interest rate from this year (2013). This means all policies issued after August 1, 1998 will have a 6% dividend interest rate and all policies issued before August 1, 1998 will have a 5.75% dividend interest rate.

It’s good to see that, despite the still ongoing depressed interest rates, Ohio National is able to maintain an already competitive dividend rate through next year.

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