BREAKING NEWS: Northwestern Mutual Announces 2017 Dividend


The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company has announced its intentions to pay $5.2 billion in dividends to policyholders in 2017. This represents a decrease from the 2016 dividend payout of $400 million.

Breakdown of Dividends Paid to Policyholders

Northwestern reported the breakdown by product line:

  • $4.4 billion to whole life policyholders.  Northwestern didn't mention this specifically, but did note that 85% of the total dividend was going to whole life policy holders.  This is a reduction of $400 million vs. last year.
  • $360 million to disability insurance policyholders
  • $165 million to term life insurance policyholders
  • $110 million to variable life insurance policyholders
  • $60 million to annuity policyholders

New Whole Life Dividend Interest Rate (Dividend Scale)

The whole life dividend scale for 2017 will decline to 5.00%.  For 2016, it was 5.45%.

You can read the press release from Northwestern here.

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