Breaking News: National Life Group Announces 2014 Dividend

National Life Group of Vermont announced its plans to pay $83 million in dividends to its participating policy holders. In the announcement National Life Group's President and CEO, Mehran Assadi remarked at NLG's history going back to its very first dividend payout of $11,260 back in 1855.

So where does this leave the dividend interest rate?

Unfortunately, We don't Know

National Life Group of Vermont Dividend Rate

Noticeably missing from the announcement was any word on what this dividend payout means for the dividend interest rate. We can infer that it has probably gone down since the 2014 payout will be a good bit lower than the 2013 payout of $99.3 million. Though as a life insurer, NLG has spent much more of its time focusing on universal life insurance (a traditionally non participating product) than it has whole life insurance.

If anyone has additional information on the dividend interest rate for 2014, we'd love it if you shared it, and in the meantime we'll work to obtain this information.

2 thoughts on “Breaking News: National Life Group Announces 2014 Dividend”

  1. re: National Life Group
    My 2014 annual paid-up dividend additions was only 55% of the 2013 payout. Way less than I expected. Their customer service tells me more info will be found in the 2014 annual report which will be available in 2015!

    • Hi Roger,

      This sounds weird, and if I were you I’d push further. This isn’t something that I would allow a customer service person to try and figure out or explain. I would push for information from the actuary department for explanation on what is happening here.


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