BREAKING NEWS: MassMutual 2018 Dividend

MassMutual announced its plans to pay participating policy holders a combined $1.6 billion in dividends.  This total payout will be nearly identical to this year's total combined payout and matches 2015.

Reduction in MassMutual's Dividend Interest Rate

The dividend interest rate will decline in 2018 from the current rate of 6.70% to 6.40%.

For more information, check out the official press release from MassMutual.

1 thought on “BREAKING NEWS: MassMutual 2018 Dividend”

  1. I am sad to see it drop yet again. However with a low interest rates and buying all of the Met Life sales force I can understand why the rate went down. I still believe that Mass Mutual is one of the best and strongest Mutual Life Insurance companies in the USA. I have faith that the Dividend rate will slowly increase in the future.


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