IUL Bonuses Pay You Double Digits?

We're no strangers to voicing our concerns about lofty indexed universal life insurance assumptions.  In fact, we were an early voice seeking to temper the returns on IUL as the product began picking up serious steam nearly a decade ago.  Then came the complaints from major life insurers.  Most of those insurers had a vested interest in subduing index accumulation figures.

Those companies dealt heavily in the whole life insurance space and sought to bring expectations closer to their own cash value projections.  Right, wrong, or indifferent, they won a small victory in 2015.  The NAIC formulated Actuarial Guideline 49, which placed several restrictions on the assumptions agents could make concerning the projected index accumulation rate on indexed life insurance products.

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Return of Premium Life Insurance Strategies

return of premium life insurance

For most agents, return of premium life insurance likely conjures up thoughts about term life insurance.  This comes from the marketing hurrah over return of premium term life insurance now over a decade ago.

The success of that product wasn't smashing.  However, that does not mean insurance consumers show zero interest in the ability to recoup their costs in buying life insurance.

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The Ultimate Guide to Whole Life Insurance Companies

a mostly complete list of whole life insurance companies that issue participating whole life insurance policies

Whole life insurance companies or life insurance companies that offer whole life insurance comprise a much smaller pool of insurers versus universal life insurance.  However, a lot of these companies have extraordinary capitalization and profitability.

Today we're going to detail the whose who among life insurers with whole life insurance products.  We're going to focus exclusively on “participating” whole life.  This means only companies with products that earn dividends made the list.

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Independent Life Insurance Broker Myth

what value do independent life insurance brokers have?

Being an independent life insurance broker sounds like a lot of fun.  You don't work for any specific company.  You have no quotas to worry about.  Instead, you work independently and make unbiased recommendations best suited for your clients.  You also don't have to attend boring sales meetings or attend company picnics.

With so many amazing perks, there's an obvious question begging to be asked.  Why doesn't everyone become an independent life insurance broker?  The answer is simple.  These supposed benefits don't really exist.

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Northwestern Mutual’s Dishonest Sales Tactic

Northwestern Mutual is a huge mutual life insurance company in the United States.  The company boasts an impressive policyholder count, an extremely large asset pool, and enviable profitability.  These stats alone are a good reason to stand up and take notice of the Quiet Company.

With all signs pointing to a well-capitalized and profitable insurance company, it's easy to assume that the insurance policies might just write themselves.  That, apparently, isn't the case.

Despite Northwestern Mutual's success, we find its sales agents sinking to new lows in their efforts to sell whole life insurance policies.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Life Insurance

life insurance advantages and disadvantages

Life insurance comes with great benefits and a few disadvantages.  For the average person out there looking to gain a better understanding of life insurance, we put together this list of the top three advantages and disadvantages.  We hope that it will help you navigate your own insurance purchase a little better.

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Life Insurance Ladder, Bogus Way to Save Money?

should you ladder your term life insurance?

The world of personal finance contains no shortage of tips and tricks.  Many seek out slick nuances to highlight some “cool”  idea that promises to  “save you a bundle.”  The life insurance ladder strategy is no exception–big promise with a small advantage.

Heralded by some as an often overlooked strategy for saving you thousands on term life insurance premiums over your lifetime, we focus on this idea today to explore whether or not it really holds any significance.

So will the ladder make you richer?  Maybe.

Does the potential for those riches come with the precariousness of too little life insurance?  Read on…doing so might save you more money than you ever imagined.

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Life Insurance for Parents

should you buy life insurance for your parents?

Life Insurance for Parents!  It's a snazzy tagline used by a certain insurance industry periodical that I won't publicly shame for such a terrible grab at attention.  The idea is straight forward and lacks any real creativity or nuance.

Here's the basic premise…

Your parents are older than you, you likely haven't saved enough money, so why not buy a life insurance policy on them and wait for your parents to die.  When that day comes, your weak retirement savings will benefit from the windfall death benefit (insert raising eyebrows emoji…if we had emoji's back then…).

This was an idea actually published in an industry publication years ago and the idea came back around to me recently.  I thought, surely this horrible idea met an appropriate death years ago and long since disappeared from the face of the earth.  Nope.

Turns out some people are still talking about it like it's a newly minted idea.  To be fair, I'm certain the first time I read about it wasn't the first iteration of the idea either.

But let's get serious for a minute.  Can you really buy life insurance on your parents to guarantee a stronger retirement account position for yourself in the future?

Maybe.  Should you?

Probably not.  Let's talk about why.

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What Happened to Single Premium Life Insurance?

why did single premium life insurance go away?

Single premium life insurance functions just like it sounds.  You pay one single premium and the policy remains in force forever.  In somewhat more technical insurance-speak, it only takes one premium to satisfy the paid-up requirement of the policy.

This sounds pretty cool at first glance.  You pay one premium and you can keep your death benefit forever and always with no need to make any additional premiums.  I can hear many of you shouting “sign me up!”  But if you go out hunting for this type of life insurance, you'll find it's a bit trickier to find than almost any other type of life insurance.  Why this is the case and what you can do given that fact is the focus of today's blog post.

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