2013 Annuity Report

2013 Annuity Report

Today we discuss 2013 annuity sales results.

There were a few surprises out of this data, and some interesting observations when compared to last year.

Jackson National Life Takes Top Spot

Jackson National Life tops the list for 2013 for total annuity sales combining both variable and fixed product lines. They did not top the list for fixed annuities, but their very impressive variable annuity sales and strong fixed sales placed the American appendage of Prudential, PLC about $5.7 billion above #2 finisher American International Group.

Variable Annuity Market Shakeup

While Jackson remains at the top of the list, two other common list toppers from years past, Prudential Financial and MetLife, have slid considerably down the list placing fourth and fifth respectively. And what's more notable about this shift down the list is the fact that both carriers took in about half the amount of premium dollars they did in 2012.

New York Life Dominates the Fixed Annuity List

Bringing in about $500 million dollars more than the second highest fixed annuity performer, New York Life placed first in sales for fixed annuities. These results are driven by New York Life's strong single premium deferred annuity and deferred income annuity products as well as their superlative financial position within the industry.

Second place finisher Allianz has been a long time top performer as well and competes mostly in the indexed annuity space, a marketplace quite a bit different than New York Life's focus.

Continuing the raised eyebrows the relative no-name Security Benefit Life took the number three spot (hooray for Guggenheim!)–finishing just about $6.6 million behind Allianz.

You can read more details on where everyone finished at Life Health Pro.

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