173 It’s All About Cashflow

One of the most common phrases you'll see tossed around on the internet (at least as it relates to the topic of personal finance) is that “cash is king”. In fact, we recorded a podcast on that very topic a couple years back.

But today we're not talking about cash per se. No, today we're talking about cashflow in particular.

We've realized over the last few years how important it is for us to have this discussion regarding cashflow. For so long, people have been focused almost exclusively on building their net worth or accumulating large account balances.

Too little has been done to help people focus on what's really important…


As we've said before, you can't spend home equity or your IRA balance at the grocery store. Not directly at least.

And the biggest change for most folks as they move through life and approach “retirement” (whatever that means to them) is loss of income. Not because they hate money. But because they choose to stop trading time for dollars. That means they now have to make the money they've saved produce cashflow.

We decided to talk about it at length in this episode, and here are the articles we referenced:

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Retirement planning is all about cashflow

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About the Author Brantley Whitley

Brantley is a practicing life insurance agent and has been for over 18 years. After years of trying to sell like his sales managers wanted him to, he discovered that people want to buy life insurance if you actually explain the benefits.

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