155 Taxes: Because I Don’t Want To

Today's episode is all about taxes. Now, we normally talk about taxes as the April 15th deadline approaches, however, with all the buzz concerning the President's latest proposed changes that could ultimately change tax law, we felt obliged to talk about taxes today.

So, we don't have a neatly organized show for you today. Instead, it's more of a free flowing rant about the proposed changes and what we think about them. 

Please know that we do not approach this issue from a political angle as we don't see it as an Us vs. Them sort of issue. We are much more pragmatic in our approach to viewing tax issues and we look for the “how much is this gonna cost us” point-of-view.


As you can probably tell by now, we are more than capable of talking about things that WE are interested in but we'd much prefer to talk about things that will really help those in our audience.

That being said, if you have a question, comment or suggestion–please reach out to us, we are open and willing to entertain discussion on just about anything in the world of finance.



About the Author Brantley Whitley

Brantley is a practicing life insurance agent and has been for over 18 years. After years of trying to sell like his sales managers wanted him to, he discovered that people want to buy life insurance if you actually explain the benefits.

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