No One Use the Bathroom After Metlife

138 Financial Pro Cast: No One Use the Bathroom After Metlife


And so begins the 3rd year of the Financial Procast

Our listeners have told us that they would really like for us to get back to our “roots”. That is to say, we wax poetically about three or four financial related news stories and share our unique brand of commentary.

If you've never heard us in this type of podcast, you're in for a treat.

We are sometimes irreverent, occasionally funny but always entertaining. Today we're discussing:

2014 Annuity Sales Report–If you like statistics this article will not disappoint, there are numbers aplenty. We talk about about some of the number specifically and we offer our insight as to what it means (at least our interpretation of what it means).

Metlife Joins the SIFI List–Do you know what it means to be deemed a systematically important financial institution (SIFI) by the Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC)? If you don't know, you are amongst fine company as no one knows what it means.

SEC Moves on Uniform Fiduciary Rule, Maybe–Consumer protection groups are urging the SEC to move forward with a Uniform Fiduciary Standard. What does that mean? Well, in a vacuum it means that financial advisers should ONLY give advice that is absolutely in the best interest of their clients. If adopted, will it really change anything? Listen to find out.

Bank of America Turns the Screws on Merrill Lynch–Just in case the fine people over at Merrill Lynch forgot who's in charge, the mothership over at Bank of America reminds them by forcing the expansion of the Merrill Edge platform.

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About the Author Brantley Whitley

Brantley is a practicing life insurance agent and has been for nearly 18 years. After years of trying to sell like his sales managers wanted him to, he discovered that people want to buy life insurance if you actually explain the benefits.

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