033 WARNING: You Are Now Leaving the FDIC Zone

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In the 33rd episode of the Financial Procast:

Could IRA Caps Be a Boom for the Life Insurance Industry?

According to recent reports there is a policy initiative being floated by the Obama administration to limit the amount of money anyone can defer from taxes within their IRA.  Yeah, that's right…POTUS is slaughtering sacred cows left and right.  What will the modern financial planning community do without the bastion of tax-deferral?

Who knows, maybe they'll extoll the virtues of using over-funded cash value life insurance?  Probably about the same time we see those winged pigs flying through an ice covered hell.

If the Obama camp gets its way, IRA tax deferral will be limited at $3.4 million and everything over that amount will become taxable.  Now, we're unclear on the particulars and as you all know, the devil's in the details and we spend some time discussing those little devils.  It's worth a listen, check it out.

We Address Becoming Your Own Banker and Bank On Yourself®…Again

This time we're digging a bit deeper than we have before and we'll share the good and the bad with you.  We actually take to task a CFP who recently published a “piece” on the subject and not surprisingly he butchered his argument.

Yeah, it usually helps to provide real examples with real numbers when you're trying to demonstrate how bad something is.  Who knew?

Is College a Scam?

I'm sure we'll get some hate mail over this one but don't throw the baby out with the bathwater, take a few minutes to listen to what we're saying, it's not a wholesale dismissal of all things academic.  Just a reality check for everyone in our society that thinks college is the way, the truth and the life. A college degree doesn't guarantee anything and we've all been working a set of very bad data.  Brandon explains the math behind the flaws and we also discuss why the higher education industry has an incentive to hide the truth.

It's food for thought if nothing else.

Life Insurance Agent Marketing Tactics

This is really a rant where we discuss a marketing email that was sent to us.  We actually consider it spam but I'm sure it's not the illegal kind, just the really congealed and disgusting kind.  A marketer by the name of Brian Kay, rents email lists from industry publishers and send out messages to agents promising riches and a life on easy street.

Here's the email we received from him last week so that you can get a feel for it (the links have been removed to protect the innocent and the typos were left in so get the full effect):


Tim Austin has been in the insurance business for over 18 years. He was looking for a brand new approach to take his business to another level. This accidentally led Tim to the most profitable discovery of his entire career…

The Million Dollar Producer Blueprint!

After stumbling on this “Million Dollar Producer” Blueprint, here’s exactly what happened to Tim (by the way all of this is 100% true and verifiable if you wish to inquire further by clicking here ):

• His business generated $1.2 million working less than the typical 40 hour work week.

• He’s getting paid fees of $1,595 per client even if they don’t buy insurance or financial services from him.

• His average case is now worth over $14,397 per client.

• He actively markets his business only 10 months out of the year and takes 2 months in the summer to rest and spen time with his family.

If you would like to discover the same exact blueprint that Tim Austin used to generate over $1.2 million in his business last year working less than thge typical work week, please click here now.

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Best In Success,

Brian Kay
Executive Director, Leads4Insurance, Inc.

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Do you feel a little sick?  Yeah…thought so.



5 thoughts on “033 WARNING: You Are Now Leaving the FDIC Zone”

  1. Brantley, college is a scam! I work in software and have worked with almost 10-20 people who did online degrees in Computer Science and are gainfully employed doing very well. College is only useful for people who don’t know what they want to do and for people interested in law/medicine!

  2. Do you guys get the annual Dalbar report? I’ve ordered the last two years and it’s interesting to see just how poorly the “average investor” does over time. Most would be just as well (really much better) off in a quality, well funded life insurance plan (wait, I’m preaching to the choir here!) The only downside is the person would lose the roller-coaster volatility (sarcasm intended!)

    • I have seen the annual Dalbar reports in the past, not the one from 2012, would be interested in seeing it though…perhaps I should dig that up! Thanks for listening to the podcast.

  3. Hey guys,

    My impression of “bank on yourself” and “be your own bank” is that Nelson, Pam, and their minion actually believe that you are borrowing from yourself. As you know, this is not true. Your CV is simply collateral on a loan from the carrier – this means that the interest goes to the the lender/carrier, not to your CV. I have seen misconceptions spewed from both camps which imply that you are paying yourself the interest, therefore, you should borrow more to get rich on interest payments. This is ludicrous!

    Love the Podcasts – Keep up the good work.

  4. I am slowly going thru the old podcasts and wanted to comment on this one even though it’s a year old. Re limits on IRAs: You didn’t mention the most likely thing going on here. Politicians know how hard it is to pass legislation taking something away from the public so when trying to pass it, they set extremely high levels on the initial legislation so it impacts only a few hundred. Once the legislation is in place, it is extremely easy to amend so that far greater numbers get caught in the drag net. Just change the number from 3 million to 1 million on a Friday afternoon before a 3 day weekend and there ya go. – a cynical taxpayer


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