011 Do the Herky Jerky?

In this Broadcast of the Financial Procast:

The election is over…finally. What does that mean for your taxes?

OccupyWall Street becomes Occupy Debt?

401k balances soar…kind of.

We dive off the fiscal cliff along with everyone else.


2 thoughts on “011 Do the Herky Jerky?”

  1. Alright guys:
    1) Thanks for creating a financial education podcast that makes mes consistently LAUGH OUT LOUD. “Bond on yourself!” HA!
    2) Thanks for bringing “Herky Jerky” back. I’m going to start using that phrase around my kids.
    3) There is no third thing.
    4) Thanks for keeping it apolitical. I live in Ohio, and I am totally burned out on politics right now. So glad my phone has finally stopping ringing!
    V) Do you have any concern at all that the US will go the way of Greece? Our debt is so huge, our federal budget so out of control, and our individual self-control so poor. I read Michael Lewis’s book “Boomerang”, and it is a concern on my mind.

    Thanks again for all you do. I really enjoy reading the blog and listening to the podcast.

    • Jeff,

      Thanks for the kind words.

      I understand the worries regarding our lack of fiscal responsibility, further troubling is a tendency to establish moral hazards regarding this irresponsibility.

      We need to return to a paradigm that espouses thrift and a higher savings rate. We need to start by rejecting some of the ridiculous rate of return projections we’ve cooked up to make people assume they can get away with saving so little.

      We’ve got some unaffordable policies in place, and we need to come to the reality that we can’t keep them in place. We may be a rich nation, but we can’t write checks large enough to fix all the word’s problems, no one can.


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