Win More Cases; Get more Intel: Insurance Sales with the Insurance Pro Blog

Insurance SalesDo your Insurance Sales need a boost? Or are you a veteran producer looking for better contracts and a better back office? We have some very good news for you. Beginning today the Insurance Pro Blog is entering the sales support industry as a Brokerage General Agency/Insurance Marketing Organization and lending a helping hand to agents/brokers all across the United Sates.

You’ve asked for it, and we’ve listened

Working with the Insurance Pro Blog

For those who have taken some time to look around the site, you know that we have a specialty in the world of cash value life insurance. We also have deep knowledge of the mechanics of several companies all across the industry. Sometimes you’ll need to know why those companies are best, and other times you’ll need to know why some should be avoided, we can help.


We’re agents so we get it. Money talks…and you know the other part about what walks. We’ve worked hard to establish a service to agents that is both superlative in its compensation offerings as well as its back office support.

We’ve tested our compensation model against several BGA/MGA/IMO/FMO’s and we know where we need to be in order to have a competitive edge, and we have it.

Advanced Planning Resources

We have first hand experience in several advanced planning topics. And we have access to some of the industry’s best advanced planning resources. We’re happy to bring these resources to all contracted agents.

Marketing Resources

Need some assistance with a few marketing ideas? We can help. From old and new methods, we’ve test driven a lot of resources out there, and can help you wade through the good and the bad.

We also have access to some discounted programs for contracted agents.

Give us the Old College Try

We understand that agents don’t always commit to one IMO, nor do they necessarily move all at once. We’re happy to assist you with whatever case you think might be appropriate. And we sincerely appreciate the opportunity to help prove our worthiness as your business partner.

For more details, please see our new Consult with Us page.

Or contact us directly by clicking the button below.

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  1. Fred Starr says:

    I’m interested in working with your IMO.

    • Brantley Whitley says:

      Hi Fred,

      I sent you an email directly a few days back, not sure if it got stuck in your spam filter or not but that does happen from time to time so take a look there when you have a minute.

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