What we Learned this Week August 23rd 2013

The Insurance Pro BlogThe end of August is approaching and for those of us who life in the Northern United States we know this means that all too quickly Summer is drawing to a close. This week we picked up on a number of interesting new pieces of information.

Apparently People who Retire Earlier Live Longer

Though we're a tad suspect of the data behind this assertion as it's based off mortality results from civil servants who opted for early retirement offers vs. those who decided to continue working. Most of us are well aware of the well established lovely working conditions at the United States Post Office.

New York Life is Posting Great Sales Numbers for the Quarter.

And it appears the sales increases are primarily made up from their permanent (i.e. cash value) life insurance portfolios. It looks like taking up every possible advertising space at Penn Station will yield results. Marketing works who knew?


The Relationship between Bond Par Values and Interest Rates is still Elusive to the Average Investor

We've been talking about it for a while as we're sure many advisers have, but that doesn't mean any of you were listening, now does it?


It looks like like the Athene and Aviva deal Passes Regulatory Muster

Now two eh carriers can join forces to make what will likely be attractive products, but will their financials ever be attractive? We'll see.


And lastly Annuities Sales were so-so this year so far, but Indexed Annuities are doing Quite Well.

Also we note that Deferred Immediate Annuities–that quirky product that is a contradiction in terms–is doing quite well. We've personally been spending a lot of time reviewing these products over the last year and our quite impressed with what we're seeing. For those looking to tern a sum of money into income in the not too terribly distant feature, these products have the potential to be a hot option. We're anxiously awaiting other carriers to jump on board.

You may notice we're rolling out a new format for Fridays. Expect some additional changes to the Insurance Pro Blog in the coming months as we finally begin to rollout some long awaited (for us at least) changes to everyone's favorite web site about insurance 😉

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