Version 2.0: The Insurance Pro Blog Goes Pro

The Insurance Pro Blog is back up!  It took a lot longer than expected, but we came back with a face-lift and a new friend.  Welcome to the latest iteration of the Insurance Pro Blog.  We've dramatically improved our layout to ring in our expansion as the web's premier resource for personal finance insurance related topics.


We have a new staff member!

The Newest Member of the Insurance Pro Blog

Welcome Brantley Whitley to the Insurance Pro Blog.  Brantley has an expansive decade's worth of experience on both the retail adviser and wholesale side of this industry.  He's assuming the role of Director of Online Marketing (and he deserves major kudos for the Insurance Pro Blog's face-lift) and will also contribute to our highly revered educational information as a regular contributor.

I'm highly excited about what the future of the Insurance Pro Blog looks like, and for those who visit us on a regular basis, we hope you share in our excitement in our expansion to be an even greater resource for information on this industry.

Be sure to check out the updated pages and be on the look out for some additional additions to pages and offerings from the Insurance Pro Blog.  We have a lot more in store as we roll into the Summer.

Is the Old Insurance Pro Blog Still Around?

Sort of.  The old hosted blog exists, but the old formate is currently unreachable.  This will cause a few issues for our followers and former RSS feed subscribers, but we'll detail how to navigate all of that in the new future.  We also ask for a little patience as we get used to the new format ourselves.  The speed at which this transformation took place was incredibly rapid, and we'd still quite amazed by it.  For those who are stick in nostalgia, here's an old screen shot from the old Insurance Pro Blog for memories sake.

Insurance Pro Blog

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