The Give Back Event: Cookies for Kid’s Cancer

We're delighted to announce that the Insurance Pro Blog will host an annual event known as the Give Back Event. This event seeks to recognize success we all have throughout the year and to humble us with those who suffer incredible set backs and adversity.

Cookies for Kid's Cancer

Cookies for Kid's CancerThis year, we've decided to use the inaugural Give Back Event to assist the King Arthur Flour company with their attempt to raise $25,000 for Cookies for Kid's Cancer.

Cookies for Kid's Cancer was started by parents who themselves were faced with the horror of pediatric cancer, and were even more horrified to discover the high mortality rate of pediatric cancer due to the lack of research funding.

Despair Turns to Vision, Turns to Motivation

Perhaps it's a hardwiring of the female brain, or the innate reflex of a mother, but Gretchen Witt (Founder of Cookies for Kid's Cancer whose son Liam was diagnosed and later passed away from his fight with Cancer) took to a fund-raising idea that is so stereotypical, it's almost seems wrong (in terms of not being PC) to mention it, she hosted a bake sale.

The Mother of all Bake Sales

96,000 cookies and $400,000 later Gretchen Witt sparked an event that goes beyond belief, but it didn't stop there. After the event Gretchen still received donations and requests for cookies. And from there, she and her volunteer organizers realized that they might have started something that would go far beyond a campaign to raise awareness for badly needed funds to try and fight her son's situation.

The Insurance Pro Blog's Give Back Event and King Arthur Flour

The Insurance Pro Blog has decided to help King Arthur Flour (America's oldest flour company) in their goal to raise $25,000 through their very own bake sale/fund raising event for Cookies for Kid's Cancer.

We're asking those of you who have had a great 2012 to share in some of your successes with those less fortunate who are at a serious lack of research funding disadvantage.

You can Donate through this Link.

100% of your donations go directly to Cookies for Kid's Cancer. You can donate by credit/debit card or mail a check–information can be found on the above linked to page. Cookies for Kid's Cancer has set up pre-suggested amounts, but you can donate whatever amount you wish.

As a 501(c)(3) the donations are tax deductible.

For those of you with a company matching program, this could be a great opportunity to take advantage of that benefit.

The Insurance Pro Blog and the Salus Agency have enjoyed a truly remarkable 2012, and we hope those of you who have also had a good year will join us in helping those less fortunate. We'll be assisting with donations until the end of October. Thanks.

Also if you're going to be around the VT/NH area on October 27, 2012, King Arthur Flour will be holding a Bake Sale at their Norwich, VT store. You can donate to this cause by visiting them on this day any buying cookies.

Click Here to Donate

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