Oops, Someone Made a Boo-Boo

borken piggyFor those who attempted to access the Insurance Pro Blog during the last few days, you may have noticed that the site was unfortunately not available. The first known downtime for the Insurance Pro Blog in our entire 2.5 year history, notwithstanding the redirect from hell that came about a month or so ago when one of us (I won't say who) forgot to save a copy of an article and published it without a name.

The problem at hand was due to a server change we made this week for the site. Some of you may have noticed (we surely did) that a few weeks ago the site was loading much slower suddenly. This prompted us to re-evaulate our current server hosting company and we decided to make a move (we also opted at the same time to make some background structural changes that we had contemplated for a while). The migration of the site took place earlier this week and someone at the new server hosting company made a small mistake that caused some problems for some people who tried to access the site.

Brantley spent a lot of time on the phone yesterday sorting through the details and we believe everything is back up to 100% (thank you Brantley!). We thank you all for your patience and the time you took to contact us letting us know of the problem. And please do not hesitate to do the very same thing if in the future you notice something funny.

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  1. Michael Sparks says:

    Glad to see you’re back up an running. It sure is awful when your site doesn’t work. I’ve had it happen a few times as well. My hosting company helps out and gets me back up quickly.

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