Change Comes to the Insurance Pro Blog

As we move through 2014 we've decided to bring an exciting new change to the format of the Insurance Pro Blog regarding our distribution of information. Starting this week, we'll begin producing and distributing three episodes of the Financial Pro Cast and each episode will be accompanied by an article that dives deeper into the discussion found on the podcast.

Additionally the Financial Pro Cast episodes themselves will be shorter and focused on just one subject per episode. We're hoping that we can make the distribution of information more easily accessed by breaking subjects up into individual episodes rather than lumping numerous topics into one roughly hour long show.

We also know that sometimes it's easier to grasp concepts if you have multiple delivery platforms and, while we've duplicated content in both written and audio format before, we've never presented it contemporaneously and we hope in doing so it will assist those who are seeking to gain better knowledge of insurance and personal finance.

Old episodes of the Financial Pro Cast and blog post articles will continue to exist, and there will be an occasional article that is posted without an accompany podcast. Our scheduled publishing dates will be Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, thought this week we'll publish Wednesday, Thursday and Friday due to a time crunch we're in while rolling out this new format.

We thank our loyal fans for their support and hope you all can enjoy ease the new format hopes to deliver.

2 Responses to “Change Comes to the Insurance Pro Blog”

  1. Ron says:

    Looking forward to the new changes!

    This is one of the blogs I check and read regularly.

    Learned a lot so far and anticipating more quality material on insurance and it’s applications in personal finance.


  2. Jeff Hexter says:

    Well I, for one, am looking forward to the changes. I’m still listening to the podcasts, laughing at the jokes, and learning a TON. And I do read the posts even if I have not been taking the time to comment on them.

    A belated happy new year to you guys. Keep up the great work,


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