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Argument Against Permanent Life Insurance: Good Returns take too Long to Materialize

  Next up in our installment of arguments against permanent life insurance is the notion that returns are negative in the beginning and the good stuff simply takes too long to materialize. If you look at a life insurance proposal ledger, you’ll notice that there is indeed a negative return during the early years. The […]


Argument against Permanent Life Insurance: Low Rate of Return

The rate of return argument against permanent life insurance focuses mostly on an irresponsible comparison of dissimilar asset classes. Chances are good that most of you reading this understand that there is a relationship between the risk of an asset and it’s return; the two are positively correlated. This means the riskier an asset is […]


Argument against Permanent Life Insurance: High Commissions Paid to Agent

It seems one of the biggest reasons you should not buy whole life or universal life insurance is because the agent or broker who sold it to you will get paid to do so. At least this is a claim made in almost all of the articles ever written in an attempt to steer you […]


Top Five Arguments against Permanent Life Insurance…Debunked

  Over the next month or so, we’re going to address the top five most common arguments against permanent life insurance. These are the arguments made by journalists and other hobbyists who spent that one weekend reading a book that had a chapter on whole life insurance and suddenly dubbed themselves supreme commander of life insurance […]


Top Reasons for Owning Cash Value Life Insurance: #1 Liquidity

Today we’re going to discuss what I have always felt was the best reason to have money in cash value life insurance and use it as part of your financial strategy. This may seem counter-intuitive. It may even seem incorrect. But I assure you that when implemented properly this is most assuredly the best feature […]


Top Reasons for Owning Cash Value Life Insurance: #2 Leverage

Finance is a funny topic. For some it means little more than buying some low cost index funds and not accumulating massive amounts of debt. For others it’s mostly about contributing to a 401k or traditional IRA so they can raise a middle finger to the IRS (but the IRS may get the last laugh). […]


Top Reasons for Owning Cash Value Life Insurance: #3 Market Neutral

Market neutrality à la diversification is a subject that often baffles the average financial or investment consultant. My sneaking suspicion has been that this is a result of training focused specifically on fixing a problem with a finite basket of tools at your typical investment salesman’s disposal coupled with most people’s tendency to consider good […]


Top Reasons for Owning Cash Value Life Insurance: #4 Taxes

Cash value life insurance and taxes is a conversation that usually goes hand in hand. You see, life insurance and taxes are old friends—kind of like how Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr were old buds. So life insurance has often been touted as a no brainer idea for those who dislike the April 15th. Some […]


Top Reasons to own Cash Value Life Insurance Reason #5: Liability and Creditor Protection

Cash Value Life Insurance provides an array of various benefits and one unique benefit it brings to the table (for some people) is the fact that cash values are often protected from creditor and liability claim. So unlike the money in your bank account or general brokerage account, the cash values in a life insurance […]


Top Reasons to Own Cash Value Life Insurance: Reason #6 No Probate

Throughout the next six weeks we’ll be rolling out our top reasons for owning cash value life insurance. We’ll be releasing these posts during our Friday post. Today we start with reason number six on our list, the probate skipping process that life insurance uses when the death benefit is paid.

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