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Understanding Life Insurance Underwriting: What does it mean to be Standard or Preferred

The life insurance underwriting process is an evaluation of an applicant that insurers use to categorize policyholders. The regular categories looking something like: standard, preferred, and preferred plus or some equivalent idea. But what does it means to be standard or preferred? And why do insurance agents and brokers sometimes talk about waiting until the […]


Applying for Life Insurance with a Ventricular Septal Defect

Ventricular Septal Defects or VSD’s are holes in the interventricular septum (the wall that separates heart chambers) of the left and right ventricles. To be clear, generally it’s one hole in the septum (not several, though not unheard of). When it comes to life insurance applications for proposed insured’s with a ventricular septal defect, the […]


Can you get Life Insurance if you’ve had a Stroke?

Buying life insurance if you’ve survived a stroke can be a tad tricky, but being a stroke survivor does not automatically mean you’ll be declined for coverage if you apply, nor does it mean your stuck accepting a small policy issued without full medical underwriting from an obscure company with questionable credit raitings. Today we’ll […]


Life Insurance for Diabetics

Applying for life insurance is not a terribly complicated process for people who have only minor health issues.  On the other hand, for people who have more serious issues with their health it can be a much more arduous process.  In particular for people who suffer from either type of diabetes type 1 or type […]


An Introduction to Impaired Risk/Substandard Life Insurance Underwriting

Impaired risk life insurance is a trickier realm of the life insurance industry. It involves securing life insurance for people who have health impairments or whom have had health events in their life, which place them at a greater likelihood of a shorter life expectancy, and make insuring their lives riskier for life insurers. The […]


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