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IPB 015: The Infinite Banking Concept

  We’ve are often asked about the Infinite Banking Concept and our opinion of it. If we you want to read more about it, we’ve actually written some other posts about it in the past. You can find those here: Infinite Banking Lies About Universal Life Bank on Yourself, Infinite Banking, etc. Can You Bank […]


187 What Should We Do When We Run Out of Other People’s Money?

“The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” Margaret Thatcher Not much that needs to be added to that quote. We are seeing what happens when the government devises plans that use flawed logic and a lack of mathematical fact. Is it really a big surprise that the health […]


The Over-Loan Protection Rider

For years, the task of creating income from a life insurance policy was all about balancing the growth of policy loans against the growth of policy cash values. Assuming the policy cash values grew at a faster pace than the loan balance, everything was a-okay. But what happens if the loan balance outpaces the growth […]


NEWS: Ohio National Life 2013 Dividend Interest Rate

Ohio National Life has announced its 2013 dividend interest rate. This was actually announced a few weeks ago, and announcing has been on the to-do list, but we were a tad side tracked. Ohio National will pay out $76 million in policy holder dividends for in 2013.


003 The Financial Planning Fight Club

In this broadcast, we discuss: – The American College and the FPA are brawling–why? – Indexed Annuity sales are through the roof despite the naysayers – What’s the point of the SEC anyway? – Northwestern Mutual discovers that Americans actually LIKE life insurance…surprise!


The Business Insurance Zone Day 3: Whole Life Dividends

Whole life dividends are a commonly misunderstood topic.  This is due in large part to the sometimes intentional convoluted nature of whole life insurance.  That’s not an attempt to knock it down.  Whole life insurance is certain a powerful and worthy insurance contract for your financial needs, and as an asset it certainly complements portfolios as […]


Happy Birthday Insurance Pro Blog!

So this will be extremely self lauding, but today marks the 1 year anniversary of the Insurance Pro Blog!


Special Announcement: American General Out of Long Term Care Insurance Market

American General Life a subsidiary of American International Group (aka AIG) announced it will stop accepting applications for new business on it’s Long Term Care Insurance product on August 1st 2012.


Special Announcement: Jackson National Life to Exit the U.S. Life Insurance Market

We have received unconfirmed reports that Jackson National Life the American appendage of Prudential PLC (the UK company, not the NJ company known as the Rock)  will exit the United Stated Life Insurance market.  Word on the street is they will stop accepting applications for new business come August 1st of this year.  No official […]


Two New Sections Coming Soon to the Insurance Pro Blog

The Insurance Pro Blog is excited to announce that over the course of the next week or two we’ll be rolling out two new sections (post categories) that will be main topics we’ll be tackling through the Summer.  These two new topics are: Retirement Income Planning Estate Planning To give you a preview of what […]


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