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Why Stock Market Returns Matter, But Not for the Reasons You Probably Thought

I’ve been known to quote stock market returns from a Compound Annual Growth Rate (geometric mean) point of view.  This calculation takes into account the effect time has on a rate of return and is wildly more useful than simply looking at average rate of return (usually quoted as the arithmetic mean). But any good […]


The Methodology Behind “Average” Rate of Return

When someone quotes the rate of return on a specific investment or quotes average returns on an index to support a theory behind achieving similar results in their investment, do you actually know what exactly they are talking about?  Further more, what is the probability that you will in fact end up with what everyone […]


An Oldie, but Goodie

I remember quite vividly the first time I saw this video.  I was still a career agent with one of the big 4 Mutuals and we had a special meeting conducted by the Director of Individual Life Sales.  He came from the Home Office to give us a presentation on the topic of life insurance […]


The Chartology They Don’t Really Like Talking About

Ever flip on over the CNBC and watch their stock picking experts talk about chartology?  It’s the process of looking at a graphical depiction of a stock or market performance and making “educated” guesses about where the market (or a particular equity) is going based on the statistical data that represents the chart’s graphical display.  […]


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