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When a 5.75% Return is Better than an 8% Return

It’s not uncommon to hear an investment salesperson or financial guru looking to chum the waters for a possible comment section debate make a statement like “whole life insurance/universal life insurance is a bad investment because the rate of return is terrible.” Though we’ve addressed this statement a few times on the Insurance Pro Blog, […]


Think 8% Returns are Realistic? At Least One Robo-Advisor Disagrees

For years the investment industry—and various financial gurus—have told us that we can achieve an 8% (or better) return on our money by “investing in stocks.” That statement is vague on the details so it’s difficult to determine exactly what it means, but the consensus on the inference is that investing in stocks (perhaps even a […]


Same Stock Market, Two Different Decades

We know the stock market is volatile and we know that stock market losses happen. Traditional advice is that losses can be recouped with time so any investor whose stomach twists into knots when he or she opens a 401(k) statement need not worry if he or she can wait out the correction. For the […]


Certificate of Deposit Alternative: Multi Year Guaranteed Annuities

For the conservative savers out there who have found frustration in plummeting certificate of deposit rates, we have an alternative savings strategy you’ll likely want to know about. For years the insurance industry has manufactured an annuity product that functions similarly to CD’s and, for the right person, this product is often favored for its […]


A Fixed Indexed Annuity Success Story

  Fixed indexed annuities are fixed interest rate annuity products that derive the interest rate credited to the policy’s cash values based on movement in an index (the same way indexed universal life insurance derives an interest rate). They often provide additional benefits through a rider that guarantees a level of income from the annuity. The accumulation […]


401k’s Aren’t the only Retirement Plan that can Leave you High and Dry

We’ve definitely not shown a lot of love and admiration for the old 401k Plan around here. While  there may be circumstances where contributions to a 401k make sense (though relatively few circumstances) we would be remiss not to point out that 401k’s and their sister products (e.g. 403b’s, 457’s, etc.) aren’t the only wholesale […]


Ted Benna: The 401(K) Giveth and Taketh away

By all accounts Ted Benna should be heralded as an American hero. But I’m willing to bet most of you have never heard the name. Ted is credited as being the guy who created a financial tool that reformed personal finance throughout the last three decades and made more Americans members of the stock investing […]


CNBC Thinks Life Insurance Works for Retirement Income?

Yeah you read that right.  In a recent story over at CNBC, How to Invest for a (Mostly) Tax-Free Retirement life insurance is actually given a little a tip of the hat! Clearly, the world is coming to an end.  The mainstream financial media usually takes great pleasure in beating up on whole life insurance and […]


Be careful how you save—Your IRA and 401k may be a trap

Since I’m never really one to go with the flow, today I’ll hold true and bludgeon the sacred cow of all financial advice gurus—the IRA and the 401k. It’s not that I’m trying to be controversial or contrary to spite Dave and Suze. That’s just an added bonus. I am concerned about the conventional wisdom […]


Retirement Savings Roulette

As of late, it would seem that a great many people are engaged in a bit of retirement savings roulette and I’m afraid it’s not going to end well for them. Just in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past four years or so, interest rates paid on traditional income generating retirement […]


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